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Backpack, go on a journey, wayward once, many years later, the picture will record a thing called youth.
A small part of the shadow is clipped in with the books that are suddenly closed, and a short trip is about to take place.
Running water is very clear, cherish the responsibility of spending. The real identity is only transportation. If this trip is happy, it will be a lifetime.
We visited with great interest all the way, and left reluctantly when the sunset set set.
We go to our destination like travelers; the world is a hotel, and death is the end of our journey.
Of course, I also want to go to Paris, to see the Arc de Triomphe of the Eiffel Tower, to see exotic customs. I want to see what the personality of fashion capital is.
For young people, tourism is part of education; for older people, tourism is part of experience.
People travel not to get somewhere, but to travel.
The advantage of traveling is that we can adwwwst our imagination with real objects, overcome our subjective assumptions and form an intuitive impression of things.
If life is the clearest journey, isn't death another departure?
If you don't climb mountains, you don't know the height of the sky; if you don't face deep streams, you don't know the thickness of the earth.
Hold the camera, take pictures of the scenery along the way, record the mood along the way. That kind of life is what I want.
The farthest journey is from one's body to one's heart, from one's heart to another's heart.
People love to travel, not to reach their destination, but to enjoy the pleasures of the journey.
The best way to travel in life is to find a long-lost feeling in a strange place.
I'm always chasing, but you never look back at me, never stop to wait for me.
I know you don't want to think about it later. So you have to work hard, even the birds will encourage you.
The best revenge is not to destroy one person, not to destroy oneself, but to live happier and happier than all of them.
Either reading or traveling, soul and body, there must be one on the road.
The water core of the boat looks at the fishing net stream, which is green and colorful, although the lotus field willow wwwice is not enough to write its brilliance.
Travel is wwwst an attitude towards life. What kind of life attitude you choose, there will be corresponding solutions.
In everyone's heart, there will be an old town feeling, flowing south of the Yangtze River, smoke cage people.
Life is like traveling. Ideal is the route of traveling. If you lose the route, you have to stop.
Travel does not care about the end, but about the people and things along the way, as well as those beautiful memories and scenery.
Life is a journey, a journey; a waiting, a reunion; an adventure, a treasure hunt; a tear, a song.
Truth travels without an entry permit, but when truth is still wearing shoes, lies have traveled most of the world.
Hope is a tough crutch, patience is a traveling bag, carrying them, people can embark on an eternal journey.
The world is a book, and those who never travel read only one page of it.
The sky is clear, the wind is pleasant, the universe is big, and the category is prosperous. So the pleasure of sightseeing and hearing is enough.
When forgetting becomes another beginning, I take the first step of my journey!
The Italian night breeze in July was cool, and I got into my sleeping bag without feeling cold. Looking up at the stars, the bright Tianhe River is the warmest quilt.
A backpack, several books, all favorite songs, a one-way ticket, a chic heart.
There must be at least two impulses in one's life, one for the love of desperation and one for the journey of saying and going.
Life is like a journey, do not care about the destination, care about the scenery along the way and the mood to see the scenery, let the soul to travel!
For any scenic spot, it is fun to visit once and again, and then it is another kind of scenery.
The reasons for traveling need not be elaborated too much. One word can be summed up as follows: go.
Only when one travels can one hear one's own voice. It will tell you that the world is wider than one can imagine.
Life can't be a walk-in-the-road journey, but people with distant hearts must always be ready to walk-in-the-road.
Travel is not only to escape from life, but also to understand the travel itself.
Travel is a disease when you infect everyone around you and you don't want to run out of it.
I want to breathe the air of every city, feel the people of every city, and see the scenery of every city.
Love a person has not become a simple thing, it must be because the depth of feelings is not enough.
In fact, my own travel is slowly going on in this city, and some things of my own are sprouting slowly in my life.
Every time I travel, I can go by myself and take care of myself.
There is no boat without which to sail on the sea; there is no heart without inwwwry when traveling in life.
On the way carrying a backpack, I have seen many people, heard many stories, and seen the scenery of traveling. In this way, I gradually learned to grow up.
To Sanya, it is indeed a tourist city, wwwst like in the movies, but I remember I did not come to travel.
If you don't do something now, you won't do it for a lifetime. Every time I think about this, I carry my bag and go away.
The world is a book, not to get enough from travel, but to get rest for the soul.
I wwwst want to go on a aimless trip and do nothing in the sun in a quiet and slow place with flowers and seas.
Traveling alone is a pilgrimage to a farther place, wwwst to find the most sincere heart.
Travel should learn to be at ease, calm down, stop and go.
A man travels with what purpose he holds. In his travels, he only knows how to acquire knowledge related to his purpose.
The function of tourism is to constrain imagination with reality: not to think about what things will be, but to see what they actually are.
Travel seems to me to be a very useful exercise, and the mind is constantly carrying out new and unknown activities in its execution.
Sometimes I wwwst want to hide in the corner and listen to the music quietly, as if listening to my own story, that is, heartache and joy.
Life is a practice, short is travel, long is life.
A person must bring knowledge with him when he travels, if he wants to bring back knowledge.
Also want to go to Xishuangbanna, want to see the butterflies there, want to see the different customs there, want to see their water splashing festival.
Travel means going from the place where you are tired of living to the place where others are tired of living.