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Dog loves to play with wool ball. Whenever I bring wool, the dog immediately rushes at me. He wants to play with the wool ball in my hand.
The deer herd all ran up, running faster and faster, looking as if a batch of chestnut-red leaves had been swept away by the autumn wind.
There is a little liutin in my family. It's green all over, only a little yellow around the wing tip. It's like wearing the uniform of the Brazilian football team.
Fireflies, in twos or threes, rise and fall from time to time, so quiet and drifting, as if some invisible Elves were flying around with green and ghostly lanterns.
A group of white pigeons were singing in the air, as if a snow-white snow had suddenly fallen in the sky.
The Falcon flapped a pair of wings and caught up with the hare like an arrow. It stared at the rabbit and suddenly hit it like a stone.
When whales emerge from the water, the exhaust gas ejects the water out of the sea, accompanied by a loud sound, much like the whistle of a small train.
Walruses often crawl on the ice to sleep in groups, wwwst like soldiers camping one by one in the wild.
The spider dragged the flies around, and when the flies were exhausted, the spider enjoyed the meal happily.
The parrot's feathers are yellow, blue and green, and it looks like it's wearing a velvet jacket.
Sometimes a flock of orioles flapped their wings and dotted with stars, as if they were bright yellow fireworks blooming in the sky during the festival.
Crickets and frogs hiding in the garden began to sonate, interweaving into a mix of bass and bass.
The mouth of a parrot is like a pair of pincers for pulling shoe nails, which can break the hard shell of a seed.
The cat's head is round, with a pair of small pointed ears, and its big green eyes stare like two small green lights.
Penguins often flock together, tens of thousands standing neatly, from a distance, like a huge team.
Male mandarin ducks have gorgeous feathers, brown back, white abdomen, crest on head, long white eyebrow lines after eyes, as if they had wwwst been made up.
I always hate hens. Listen, it's from the front yard to the back yard, from the back yard to the front yard. It's endless, and there's no reason to hate it.
Woodsuckers have steel beaks like stethoscopes. By knocking on trees, they can accurately wwwdge and hunt for borers.
The White Swan paddled the green lake with its red webbed feet, swaying like a model boat.
Suddenly a kingfisher flew out of the willow trees and across the water to another bush. Its beautiful feathers took away people's eyes.
When the duckling is swimming, he pushes his feet back slightly and swims steadily forward like a small motorboat.
This innocent and lovely poodle with curly hair, with its small black tail waving like a rolling ball of velvet.
A big black dog leaped out, barking furiously with sharp white teeth, full of hostility.
Horses, with their proud heads and beautiful manes shaking, soar on the vast grassland like the sea in this grand melody.
Red-crowned cranes fluttering in the air like early-blooming reeds, landed softly and slowly in the marshes.
A few wild ducks were swimming on the far lake, wwwst like a small radio-operated warship, so heroic and powerful.
Little donkeys are so lovely, black eyes dripping around, spraying joy like a deer.
The petrel cried out, like black lightning, arrows passing through the clouds, wings scraping waves of droplets.
When the panda is happy, it flips on the ground like a big leather ball rolling on the ground.
Leopard body with leaf-like spots, body as soft as snake, agile movement, light body.
Cranes are born dancers. They have bright red heads, slender necks, white feathers and slender legs. They are really beautiful, handsome and elegant.
A pair of small triangular ears of the horse stood high on the forehead, as if listening to the movement around them at any time, it seemed particularly alert.
Whether under the trees of the bleak autumn wind or on the roadside in the winter field, magpies fly in front of each other, vibrant, cheerful and exciting.
The feathers on the head of Kingfisher are like olive scarves, embroidered with emerald-green patterns, the feathers on the back are like light green spring clothes, and the feathers on the abdomen are like red-brown shirts.
The elephant's nose can stretch, stretch freely, feel sensitive and move flexibly. It swings like a boa constrictor flying in the air.
Penguins sway and look big when they walk, with their white breasts and dark grey back and head, like western gentlemen in tuxedos!
The Golden Chicken stands in the sun with its wings open, wwwst like the Phoenix rising in the sun. It is golden and beautiful all over.
The squirrel's gliding ability is even more remarkable. It can fly several meters away without flinging its big tail. It floats around on the crown of the tree. It's especially lovely.
These cows, white and black, seem to be wearing cotton jackets.
My family has a cat named Mimi. It likes corn best. It's a black and white flower cat. It's a very smart cat, Mimi has a gentle personality.