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Happiness is peace; happiness is simple; happiness is easy; happiness is natural; happiness is chic; happiness is happy.
I will not allow you to frighten me. I am very timid. Don't frighten me with anything. I will be very scared. The heart is simple, the world is simple, happiness will grow; the heart is free, life is free, where there is happiness.
What I want is not that I love you, I support you, but to be together, with you now, with you in old age, with you and me all the time.
I sing, you listen, I dance, you watch, I cook, you eat, I make tea, you drink, this is happiness!
You are an affectionate person, but you should not have so many sentimental people. In dreams, people wake up and write short messages to see him. Life is so simple. The words rustle across the fingertips, wishing you lots of happiness and happiness.
An individual has only one heart but two atria. One lived happily, and the other lived sad. Don't laugh too loud, or you will wake up the sadness next to you.
Although the joy of love is sweet, it is only in the presence of honor and virtue that it can survive. When a person is most satisfied or happy, when dreams come true.
As long as you want, when you are disappointed and most in need of a shoulder, tell me, I will appear immediately.
Happiness is a feeling, not how much you have. Don't say who is happier than who, because happiness can't be compared. Being loved and loving others is the same happiness, and once you get it, it will be enough for a lifetime.
Disappointment, sometimes, is also a kind of happiness, because it is expected that it will be disappointed. Because there is love, there will be expectations, so even disappointment, but also a kind of happiness, although this kind of happiness is a little painful.
A sweet smile, a sincere encouragement, a beautiful scenery, such as these little things in life, but I think this is the happiness around me.
Your heart is my cape and skyline. I can't go further. We went to the ends of the earth in this life, instead of walking half the earth, but with the world.
Happiness is over the counter medication. It is suitable for any group of people, and psychotherapy is the most effective. The medicine is self abased, depressed, unhappy and unhappy. Once you take it once, you will be able to use it all your life.
I comfort myself that although at the bottom and bottom of the position, you can not see the flowers blooming is gorgeous, but you will never miss the petals falling in the wind melodious flying romance.
Like a person, there will be no pain. Love a person, may have long suffering, but he gave me happiness, is also the greatest happiness in the world.
Happiness is when two people find all the places on the map where they want to go, and then go together.
Life is a series of choices. Everyone's future and destiny are completely in his own hands. As long as he works hard, he will succeed.
A man who understands you is the greatest happiness. This person, not necessarily perfect, but he can read you, can go into your heart, can understand everything in your heart.
A happy person is not because he has more, but because he cares less, knows how to find and find, and has a broad mind, graceful demeanor.
If I am happy, it is because I love you and I am loved by you; if I am not happy, it is because I do not know how to love myself.
You're like a glass of wine. It looks charming, smells attractive, tastes a little spicy and has a sweet aftertaste. Allow me to build a beautiful cottage in your heart, never mind others say it is illegal.
Many people are in pain when they break up. They are depressed, crazy and cringe. But many years later, when you look back, you will see how ridiculous you are at that time.
Money without money, as long as there is health and safety, is happiness; no car without a house, as long as willing to strive hard to pursue the ideal, is happiness.
Find beauty in plain life, thank and recollect in simple love, and warm each other in the aging life.
Happiness is a flower that blossoms with light and hope; happiness is a fruit that returns with fragrance and sweetness; happiness is a deciduous leaf that contributes to the waste heat of perfume.
What is a happy life? It's when you see snow everywhere in winter, crunching and running in the world covered with silver.
All one's life, there are some unspeakable secrets, irreversible regrets, unreachable dreams, and unforgettable love.
Happy moments, half with you, half in dreams; painful moments, half separated, half silently thinking about you.
I like you, for a long time, waiting for you, also for a long time, now, I want to leave, longer than a long time. Now eating lollipop is not to cover up sadness, but want to taste the joy of innocence again.
Your laughter accelerated my heartbeat, let me remember that wonderful night, fate let you embrace me, so I dare not be late, give you love report every day.
It really takes us a long time to understand what kind of person and what kind of thing we really miss.
A life can not carry too many bags, dragging tired body on the road of life, we are doomed to abandon a lot.
The morning glow reflected her happy smiling face, as bright as a rose; the slightly raised corners of her mouth were full of joy.
I love you: I don't want much, a glass of water, a piece of bread, a word of I love you; if a little luxury, I hope: water is poured by your own hands, bread is your own hands, I love you is what you said to me personally.
When people are in love with another person, they always associate death. Life will be gone. We are together to spend this short life together.
Happiness is like a glass of water. It's so simple. It can be seen everywhere around us, but sometimes we often neglect its existence.
Although the joy of love is sweet, it is only in the presence of honor and virtue that it can survive.
Happiness is infinite. Let us join hands in self-respect, self-esteem, self confidence and self confidence, and we will often experience happiness. Letting others get and have happiness is often their biggest and longest happiness.
A cup of light tea, a pot of mellow wine, can share with friends, talk about ancient and modern, drink together, happiness is so simple.
Baiyun never promises its presence to the sky, nor does its scenery tell its eternity to its eyes. I don't have much commitment, no sweet words, wwwst because true love needs not too many words to express.