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It was hot and windless, wickers drooping listlessly, motionless, and a little silvery light was shining on the cement road, as if everything was going to melt. It was wwwst some place.
Many flowers in the garden withered, but chrysanthemums were still open. They are colourful, with purple red, pale yellow, white and green, nodding in the autumn wind.
Pines stand green in the white snow, swaying with the severe northwest wind, making a sharp and harsh whistle, as if intentionally contemptuous of winter.
The gallery of Xitang attracts tourists from both China and abroad with its unique charm. The long kilometer street has been seen once and will never be forgotten. Walking up is as if we could reach the previous life.
Grass, reed and red, white and purple wildflowers are steamed by a hot sun hanging high in the sky, and the air is full of sweet and drunken atmosphere.
In the vast sea, the wind is gathering clouds. Between the black clouds and the sea, the petrel is like a black lightning, flying in haughty direction.
At night, the high blue sky was sparsely decorated with gemstone-like stars, and the horizon was filled with ghostly flashes of fire, and the air was filled with the fresh smell of soil, mist and rice.
Lovely spring girl, with a light step to the world, that scene of vitality will then come in all directions, the whole world like wwwst waking up from a long sleep.
In spring, with the falling flowers away, the summer leaves are coming and dancing in the warm wind.
Raindrops, like pearls, spread the ripples on the calm surface of the river. The clever fish leaped out of the water as if to suck the crystal beads.
In the middle of winter, the north wind is brisk. Silver-gray clouds gallop in the sky. The cold current is rolling, and a heavy snow is brewing.
The breeze gently blows, the warm sunshine covers the earth, and the grass spits out tender buds in the sunshine.
The sea water is so blue that people feel that the color of jadeite is too light and the color of sapphire is too deep, even if they are masters of famous teachers, it is difficult to describe.
Open time, invite sunshine to accompany, about the breeze, pack up our bags, let's go to the grassland, to the vast grassland.
Looking up at the Tianhu Mountains, we can see the mountains of Emei and Dai green, the trees of the mountains and the vast blue sky. A few wisps of clouds wwwst constitute an elegant and interesting light ink landscape painting.
In autumn, after a tense harvest, everything faded in a twinkling of an eye, and the vast expanse of land was bare and pale.
Naughty raindrops hit the river like steel beads thrown down by someone, splashing high spray; heavy raindrops hit people's windows and thundered.
The scenery in the snow is magnificent, the sky and the earth are all the same, only a piece of silver can be seen, as if the whole world is decorated with silver.
On the autumn night, the sky is thick and the crescent moon is hanging quietly in the southwest. The moon shone down the earth, so gloomy, the stars of the galaxy are more and more brilliant.
The willows by the river spit out their tender buds, asparagus drills out and leaves turn green. The calm water in the river wakes up from the plain winter and is dressed green by the color of nature.
The latter half of the autumn. The moon went down, the sun was not yet out, and there was only a dark blue sky left; everything except the things that traveled at night fell asleep.
Under the clear blue sky, is a continuous green mountains and trees, all kinds of unknown wildflowers in the wwwngle flourish, blooming like clouds of brilliant colors.
Sunshine sprinkles lightly on the ground, and some muggy wind blows slowly, as if the air is also beating a little uneasy.
The scorching sun hung high in the sky, and the red light rocketed to the ground. The ground caught fire, reflecting the flame of oil when it was boiling.
The peaks on both sides of the Taiwan Strait have changed into interesting gestures: sometimes like fairies, sometimes like old men with sticks, sometimes like apes offering peaches, sometimes like wild horses without rein.
In the park, clusters of flowers are white, red, big and small, colorful. I leaned down and sniffed at the flowers. A fragrance came to my heart.
Longshou Rock is thousands of feet above the ground, with its awkward peaks and rocky phosphorus. A huge cliff stands upright, and another one cuts across it, straight into the Tianchi Mountains. It is as vigorous as the Canglong with its head held high and its momentum is extraordinary.
The spring breeze is warm and the bright spring light is shining on the earth. Everything shows a vitality and forms a beautiful landscape map.
The winding stone paths lead to the dense forest ditches. Pink peach blossoms, red apricot blossoms and white pear blossoms are all over the mountains. The frozen rivers are flowing and making a sound.
Dusk, the setting sun has its last afterglow, creating eternal beauty, left in the memory of people returning from a long way, forming eternal beautiful memories.
Dream of water village, quiet posthumous Xitang. Travel is a kind of mood, Xitang tourists this season are sparse, but everywhere you can see sketch students, or sit or stand brush painting.
Spring has come, the snow and ice on the mountain have melted, the flowers have come to life, the grass has stolen out of the soil, the wild flowers all over the mountains have laughed, and the spring girl has come from the kingdom of spring.
All over the sky, stars like pearls are sprinkled in jade pots. They blink, hide in the clouds, and emerge as if they were playing hide-and-seek with me.
The sunlight in early summer was transmitted from the dense branches and leaves, and the ground was covered with bright spots of copper coins.
In a twinkling of an eye, spring finally came back. The spring girl quietly came to the world, dressed the earth in green clothes, and gently washed the earth with drizzling rain.
The morning sun began to rise like a flat and round palace lamp in the air. In a moment, it formed a round fire wheel, which rose high and sprayed out all kinds of gold, and covered all things with a brilliant glow.
The sunshine in midsummer is like hot pepper water. There is not a shady place on the street. The majestic and lofty peaks are plated with gold on the summer sun, which is more grand and spectacular.
The soil of the forest smells fresh. The grass leaves probe slowly. At the root of the tree, under the bush, under your feet, the unknown light green spreads quietly, like light powder.
In autumn, most of the flowers have lost their former elegance, petals have fallen, while a variety of chrysanthemums are fighting for beauty, decorating the city and beautifying the environment.
I like the spring rain, not only the spring bamboo shoots after the rain, but also the light blue smoke and rain. In this rainy season, you put up a rainless world for me.