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For you would rather not free!
My world only you understand.
This present life love you forever!
For you, no matter now, nor.
You'd love to drink the wine, if not more, reluctantly thirst for life.
My cat is very skin, can help me to manage it.
You don't have anything...... I don't marry you.
A restless heart, recorded your bit by bit.
I know you like me, so I'm not afraid of anything!
Don't know love you count is a close reason?
I'm ready to cut my rights by half, my duty.
Love makes people forget time, time also makes people forget love.
My motivation is to see you and talk to you every day.
Don't need words, let me tell you with action, what is love.
I miss you not because of my loneliness but I do feel lonely when I miss you.
Only you know my emotions, only you can give me the mood.
Put your heart into my heart, even if the pain is also willing to taste.
In fact, has always been concerned about your people around you, you did not find it?
Buddha said, Form is emptiness., emptiness is form. Tonight, I want to empty it.
Waiting is not for you to come back, but to find an excuse not to leave.
Do not want to wake up when the lamp projected on the wall only my lonely figure.
I love you! For your happiness, I am willing to give up everything - including you!
I got up and poured a cup of hot water, and held it in my hand, but I didn't feel any warmth.
You know my loneliness is only one person waiting for you my sweet songs are only sung for you.
Accompany you to where you want to go, go through the rest of our lives.
I think you are really not a qualified friend, you have to do is to change my wife!
Your happiness I come to the building, your stubborn me to compromise, you confused me to make up for.
Hearts have been torn apart, scattered in the air, like flowers have withered, can not be recovered again.
If I could, I would spend every minute of my life with you.
Like you may be I was wrong, I love you I really changed a lot! Fool, I love you!
I hope you can give me a chance to take care of you. Take care of you. Light and you slowly grow old together!
Just want to hold your hand and look at your eyes... Barefoot walk on the beach... Only you because of you.
You are the world, the world is you. I would like to use their own heart, to accompany you, love you.
Knowing that love not to love, but love without knowing hell-bent, results, but love half alive.
I am a fool, but please believe me, I am not interested in it. Can you forgive me? Dear.
Colorful hyacinth, shaking my first love. Your bright eyes, I ignited the passion of youth.
I tell you: the first is I love you, second or I love you, third is still I love you...... I love you.
Some people use the mouth to love, and I was the heart to love, maybe I will lose a lot, but I will not regret it.
Time cannot erase my thoughts of you even if Haikudanlan, your shadow forever in my heart.
I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.
Life is the most distant distance is not, life and death, but I stand in front of you, you do not know I love you.
Encounter is always nodded, would like to say is always difficult to open, the sight of the intersection of the moment, I have felt your tenderness.
Please don't stick to your silence, don't wait for the waiting. May I love you can sail into the bay of the heart.
I love you so much but I can't be with you. I miss you so much, but I don't care.
Time does not light the truth of the wine, distance does not open the missing hand. Miss you, until forever The end of life.
You gently, with eyes deeply moo, you came to my side, stepped into my heart.
You have the right to refuse my love, but you can not despise my love, because it is a sincere heart for your beating heart.
Please cherish every chance that you have, seize every moment that belongs to you!! I will be yours forever! Miss you my love!
Until I met you, I wwwst feel my existence, has been reluctant to leave you, although you said so firmly.
Know your first day, I will be conquered by your eyes, then I have known, I have been a prisoner of your life!
No matter you go to the house, my heart is chasing you, you fall on the ground every footprint, will make me excited.
Marry me! When I married, I was second of the world's happy people, because the world's first happiness is you.
I finally found that this world has a rich love, I can not live up to. So I want to say to you, I love you, please listen.
If I could have you with this star, I would give up the whole sky. If I could have you, I'd give up the ocean.
Don't say your sky is nothing, if not, I'll give you my sky, wwwst let me stop in your sky.
Depending on your sincere love, versatile, even far away from the homeland to rove all over the world, what worried looking for less than a congenial companion?
Holding your hand, day and night, to hold your hand, waiting for tomorrow, hold your hand, through life, hold your hand, generation after generation.
I do not have the courage to say love, have no guts to express, even have no courage to say to you, is you, give me the courage to give up everything to love you.
Our love in the spring sprout, grow up in the summer, mature in autumn, in winter snow shine bear fruitful... love you forever!
Four spring Ze is your love and summer clouds around the peak is touching you, the moon Yang Hui is your gentle, Spanish Dongmei is your romance.
Rose opened in September, my heart is only you, I want to be with you, nothing to you, only a sentence I love you!
Rising sun, I can miss, the afterglow of the sunset I can miss, only you and I can not miss, you are my life without regret the choice!
Never fade away is the concern for you, and never cease to be an endless yearning for you, never change is deeply in love with you.
When you are young, why have the answer, but when you are old, you may feel that life is not the answer.
You want to easily say love, the promise is to owe the debt, also do not easily say not love, perhaps happiness is you shut in the door!
You are like a warm spring breeze, stirred my heart sea waves of love; you like a gentle clouds, tied to my passionate sight.
If the world is really reincarnation, then the next life, I will not be able to meet you, because, like your happiness I can not extricate themselves.
Only think of you; tears to embrace you; happy to pounce on you; excitement want to kiss you. Everything in these four words: I need you!
Love you ten thousand years, is my pursuit; love you for one thousand years, is my desire; and kiss you once, it is my life the most happy time.
God told me that love is fate, love is touched, love is a habit, love is tolerance, love is sacrifice, love is considerate, love is a lifetime commitment!
The birds sing only once a lifetime, it sings a song of life in the thorns. A person's life only love once, he can give up everything to man.
I often think of you in my heart, every day to think about where you are, you don't have the heart to bother you, but I miss you today, send a message to tell you that I miss you here.
Love lets us meet. Love makes we fell in love, love, let us love one another, love lets us care, let me in your lifetime to give you all my love.
Your eyes blink, I die, your eyes blink, I come back to live, blink your eyes to blink, so I die again and again.
Now, you've got me this chance. I really want to say, you, beloved, not too close to me, don't let me in your arms too long, don't.
Marriage is to see, love is invisible; greeting is to see, care is invisible, but I love you, but it is obvious.
You like my winter in a pile of warming himself by the fire, not on too close, afraid of being you burn, and not too far away, afraid of feel one cold and lonely!
See you one eye, I know what is love at first sight. From then on, I want to caress attentively you for a lifetime, I wish you happy every day, always neat.
I really want to hold your hand, walk along the road of happiness, really want to hug your waist, from now on happy and free and unfettered; good want to kiss your face, we accompany forever!
I would like to embrace with you to see the morning sunrise, I would like to embrace you and look at the sunset sunset, I would like to embrace you in the night, said: "I love you!
Girlfriend wanted: character, like you, and you looks identical, appearance and you run in the same groove, lovely roughly the same with you, I feel you perfectness.