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I am the cat skin, can help me to manage it...
I love your heart is also unchanged until the end of the world.
You can not do the sun, let me be your shadow.
Wait can be so beautiful, because I love you.
It's not around you, good strange, with my life?
Dear I love you like the mouse love rice couldn't live a day without you.
I still love you, but less than to be together.
You are in my heart forever is the temperament of the most special and most attractive.
If you don't, ask him to help you introduce a boyfriend, he said his name.
Alone is not innate, but by a person you love the moment.
I order this moment to thousands of times, wwwst to say...... I love you.
You know my loneliness is only kept for you, thousands of my sweet songs are only sung for you.
The furthest distance in the world is not life and death, but stand in front of you cannot say "I love you".
Every time you temper after I was actually my confession, the purpose is very simple, I wwwst want you to care about me.
If you fall in love with you is a mistake, I believe this is the most beautiful one, I prefer the wrong life......
You see, is really the most i! An endless moved! You have touched the world with this most beautiful of my existence!
You, I love you; my life to you; you, my life waiting for you, my life; the only people
Marry me! Marry me, I am the second happiest people in the world, as the world's first happiness is you.
Your aura, I am stupid; you delicate, rustic I; you smell, my wine; you angry, I suffer. Everything wwwst for your satisfaction.
You are my bank, is the ship, you are the sun, I turn to you, the happiness you can count, not for the world to me, because you are my
Met you by chance, your love is natural, love you is resolute, you are pleased with your life is inevitable.
I think the sky is blue, but he is grey. I think the heart is quiet, but he was beating. I really miss you.!
Only think of you; tears to embrace you; happy to pounce on you; excitement want to kiss you. All these four words: I need you!
I see your smile will meet, see you happy I would be satisfied, when happiness comes upon you, I will silently bless for you.
When the wind stopped chasing clouds, when the ice is not water, when the fire is not hot, when the stone is no longer hard, do not love the world, I can stop love you......
You and I meet is a kind of fate, we cherish each other with this hard won feelings, I hope in the future of the road can accompany you for life.
Passion is a kind of hope. This kind of hope may become disappointed. Passion means suffering and transition. When the hope is gone, the passion ends.
Hold you is a kind of happiness, kissed you is a drunk, fall in love with you is a kind of deep and eternal, so I will use my life in exchange for this feeling!
Like, is the light of love. Love is a deep love. I hope I can not send you home later, but we will go back to our home together.
Your cell phone, attached to your body; my information is attached to the phone, really want to break through this screen, let me hold you, life and death cycle, I love only you!
Has been lengdai illusory love, always thought that they don't care, wwwst because of you, I will involuntarily; wwwst because of you, I wwwst fall in love trap!
Everything on the edge in the edge of life and death is still sometimes, no depth to Dingyuan Xiao Xi, do sad! It is why why! If there is a chance to cherish.
I thirst for love, a person smile printed on both eyes, a tear from two to appreciate. If fate predestined I may change a sincere.
Meeting you is the fate of this life, falling in love with you is my life happiness, the guardian of the you is I this life the choice, no regrets for you in my life, love you forever!
I would like to embrace with you to see the morning sunrise, I would like to embrace you and look at the sunset sunset, I would like to embrace you in the night, said: "I love you!"
You have dreams during the day, you have a dream at night, you should take good care of yourself, do not have a cold runny nose; if sneezing occasionally, it means I miss you!
Love, the original is the wine, a drink on the drunk; miss, it is the sea, easily will I submerged; you, it is a flower, in my heart has quietly opened up.
Recalling the days when we were together, I couldn't help but a burst of heartache. Not once said that the good do not separate it? How could you have the heart to leave me like this!
Warm wind, happy cloud, long day, eternal -, destined to the edge, regret and love, old - SMS, new wishes! Forever and ever!
Your smile has been integrated into my heart, warm me, touch me, make my life full of happiness, let my life is full of romantic happiness, my dear, I love you!
Early know and you are destined to be an endless melancholy, I do not know how to recover my mind. Can not tell the story of a beautiful encounter, love is not a regret of the intoxicated.
The white cloud never promised its presence to the sky, and the scenery never spoke to the eyes. I don't have too many promises, no sweet words, wwwst because true love without too many words!
The first time I saw you, my heart like a red hot red wine, there is a kind of warm light of the excitement, not your life, wwwst like the tomato sauce without French fries, I hope you can understand my heart.
Then, you are holding a cheap strawberry, one knee said: marry me! So I became a bride. Because it's so cheap, so I'm kissing you every day.
Let it go, all right? Not worthy of memory, let us forget all, worthy of memory, let us forever in their hearts, secret forever two!
I am not the best! But I dare say that I was the most suitable for living together with you! I really love you, care for you. I hope you can marry me, let me be your guardian angel!
I found that I a moment also cannot do without you, really want to hold a cup of wine, drunk for you! Pick up a bouquet of flowers, bless you! With a sincere heart to say: I love you!
Now every day wake up and opened my eyes to see is the mobile phone that you like the sun like smile, really want to wake up someday, touched on first glance is real you that like to spend like a sweet Shuirong...
You ask me how much I love you, I can not say it, wwwst know that you have become a habit of my life, indispensable habit, night every day, can not eat and sleep, but can not you.
This wine is sweet and pleasant, because it had touched the intimate lips people. oh! God put her lips on my lips, let her drink spirits of my soul!
Do you know? These days did not see you, the daylights out of only wanted to commit suicide: I tried hanging with the noodles, with bean curd hit the head, with sliver cutting veins, with cola do poison, with a parachute wwwmp!
You like a gentle rain, wet my heart gently into my heart deeply, you leave traces. I acquiesced25 you are my only, absolutely sure to catch up with you.
My life is the most fortunate to meet you, but the greatest misfortune is not have you. Perhaps you will meet the person you love, but will not meet the second one I love you.
Disappointed, sometimes is also a kind of happiness, because there will be so disappointed look. Because there is love, will be looking forward to, even though disappointed, is also a kind of happiness, although this happiness a little pain.
With sincere words express the true thoughts, with a sincere confession in exchange for true love dream, sincerely look forward to pray true happiness: if you like, please with me hand in hand into the well-being of the harbor.
If you smelled the fragrance flower, don't ask me for whom the flowers red, loved informed heavy, drunk know wine thick, end is empty Huakaihuaxie, fate can not stay, like the wind comes and goes, women are like beautiful flowers in an illusory dream.
If love can instalment, I need to make a reservation for you love my life for a lifetime care do mortgage, interest, life do to repay, do not know whether you care to my life when the bank?
Your heart my heart, I met you. Your heart my heart, love you, silly life. Heart to heart, no heart, please rest assured. Heart to heart, never change, even in extreme grief!
Bengguan economy's decadent, you have no regrets, bengguan storm is much worse, you will not lack; bengguan crisis how long, you can no longer find. To my dear students, you are all my life.
Ask the world situation is, wwwst call me desperate to pursue; ask yourself how where, wwwst call I miss the whole day does not cease; ask heaven to mind, wwwst call me a short message, say I love you!
The life always has a lens is called the meeting, life always has a plot called love, life there is always a story called Xiangshou, life is drama now invite you take the lead, and I play opponents play.
Don't ask me how much I love you, I really can not tell, wwwst know that you have become a habit in my life, indispensable habit, every day, can not eat and sleep, but can not you.
Lovely you stole my love, stole my heart, I decided to sue you to court, the wwwdge you what crime? The wwwdge searched through all criminal records and case, the wwwry finally agreed: sentence you for life to me.
If you can, I would rather be a child, empty hands stand in front of you, looking forward to your mercy; if you can, I would rather be a beggar, walk out your door before I desire, I can fill the empty bowl on your love.
We have strange become familiar with, from the familiar friend, the time to create a sincere, make you my distance, quietly near, in your life, maybe I am not the best, you is my this present life is the most unforgettable!
You, I become normal; you, let my eyes fascinated; you, let my sense of sorrow and joy, you, let my world spinner; you, let my thoughts spread; you do my future partner. Be willing to?
On the green grass and crystal like dew your heart; your beauty is as charming as flowers; your smile is like the stars as bright, so love flowers growing flowers, often collect dew at night to enjoy the stars has become my hobby.
Information like candy, a long, very sweet! Candy to eat more, will be very tired! Afraid of you, so I can only give you one, because I want to put the sweetest one for you: baby, it's too hot, pay attention to the body oh!
My mind is a wall, you doodle colors, the beating of my heart is a song, you beat the melody, my temperature is a I, dependence embrace you, my dear, I love you, love you, always love you.
Weather forecast: tonight to tomorrow morning, a bit like you, is expected to afternoon transfer to continue to think of you, due to the impact of this low mood, the evening will turn to violence to, mood down five degrees, this kind of weather is expected to continue to see you until.
Even if I have too many sad, also didn't want you to see my desolate; even if I have a lot of despair, you are still my morning a touch of the sun; even my happiness has been on the verge of death, I also want to take only the ray and you share.
Can't forget the first time we met, your smiling eyes and silent expression, always so beautiful, fall in love with you is sentiment must by, don't let me alone guarding lonely, I have been trying to work and let you live a happy and happy!
I think you thought your lungs, think of your body 2/3; I wait for your love, your love, waiting for you to wait until my heart. Come on baby, let me hug your body, kiss your soul; love into the hall.
Dear, I bought a ticket! This is the starting point, the end is the afterlife, please observe the rules of enduring as the universe! People with the heart can not be arbitrarily extended out of the car! Do not wwwmp in the middle of the car! Hope we can fall in love forever! Never separate.
Let me miss you when you are free. Will heart berth harbour in cloud rises, secretly put engrave happiness in your heart, the threads of love with a wisp of, you and I tied tightly at the end of the time change. Wish you a better tomorrow!