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The teacher is like a candle, burning himself, illuminating others.
You are like a candle, gave all the heat and light for the younger generation!
Teacher, I wish you the education students, the elite in a galaxy of talents.
For the good of your teachings, I am very grateful and will remember!
The remotest corners of the globe have to do, only Shien infinite period. Thank you, teacher!
The gardener, a lofty title, I wish you a peach Li all over the world, in times square.
Young teacher is not only a strong sense of responsibility, but also a special love.
Sunny, warm spring gardener heart; the rain and dew, peach branches bud red.
Traveled every corner, every inch of tread through the soul, full of respect for you.
Miss. That our home improvement class, one hundred times per person, called the teacher's Ling Ling.
Your abilities, good Kai soul. We congratulate you on your success!
Teacher, the light of our body, the light of the light of wisdom, always flashing your own hands to light the spark.
Even if the time will reshape our face, I will always be your child, dear teacher!
Teacher, you are sincere, kind, beautiful. May all the students have their hearts open to you.
When the harvest time, I always can not help but think of the hard seeded hard - teacher.
The teacher is a candle, lit their own light to others; teachers are silkworms, spit all my last thread.
Without your generous dedication, which have I harvested today. Thank you extremely, dear teacher.
Wang a hand, Tuosai hand, looked at the problem, frowned, meditate on.
Teacher, in the light of the wisdom of our body today, still flashing lights of the spark you!
Teacher, you are the ocean, I am a shell, you gave me a beautiful color, how I thank you!
Teacher, your care filled my student, and you in the together day ruzuochunfeng, like mu spring!
Dissemination of knowledge, is sowing hope, sowing happiness. Teacher, you are the seed of hope and happiness!
Choi Ha compose carols with sky, with flowers everywhere woven poems, but also not the holiday greetings to our teachers!
We grow from seedlings to trees, but will always be your students. I wish you in your sixty years of age, evergreen tree of life.
Your voice and expression, always flash before my eyes; you are the character personality, deep in my memory forever.
Under the sun of the occupation, the engineer of the human soul teacher, everyone says you are training the pillars of the motherland;
Teacher, you light up my heart, with love to cultivate my love, have you, I wwwst feel the warmth of the world!
You respected the sincere and honest, as a person in this way of life. You are a model for our students in mind.
You are extraordinary, you are special, extraordinary and special Zhiyuan accompanied by you! Ordinary special = happiness, happiness!
Every year, I put the first ray of spring and new year's card sent to you together; my dear teacher, wish the spring with you forever!
Teacher, you carefully take care of us, let us fully developed, let us grow up happy, let us happy life.
If I can fly high, thank you for giving me a pair of powerful wings. In your eyes, I feel.
Teacher, you have worked hard! One year of hard work for us, you are great, you are selfless! We love you!
Teacher, parting a long long while, and your image like a bright spot has been flashing in my mind.
Has experienced the wind and rain, wwwst know your valuable; on the success, wwwst know your great; thank you my dear teacher!
Dear teacher, your teachings such as the spring breeze, like Rui Yu, in my heart forever. I sincerely wish you: Kangle, wishful!
The teacher is fire, lit the fire of the soul of students; the teacher is stone, bearing the students to climb step by step.
My new teacher Xing Liu, a tall man is so spirit, always let us face the majesty of awe.
On the journey of life, you enrich my mind, develop my intelligence, and ignite the light of hope for me. Thank you, teacher!
In my mind, you are the most severe father, is the kind of mother; you are the unknown hero, is the teacher of the pulpit.
When the sea tide, the colorful shells on the beach. When we graduate, we give our best wishes to our teachers.
Sowing language, with brush work, watered with sweat, blood, moist, this is our beloved teacher lofty labor.
You for the flowers bloom, fruit maturity busy, quietly leaves hanging shade! Ah, teacher, your spirit, always remember my heart!
Today, I am in a distant place, you gave me yesterday, folded into a memory of the boat, let it drift in the heart of the heart of the lake.
The duty of the teacher is imparting knowledge and educating people, is the Yi Keke seedlings grow into towering trees, is the future of human talents.
My teacher, I miss you so much! In the teacher's day, send a short message to send greetings, thank you my dear teacher!
The precious of firefly is the lamp that hangs on the back of the lamp, and it is designed to take care of the others; your honorable is always to give others convenience.
When we pick fruit harvest time, you are left to their own is fenbihui hair with white hair. Salute to you, beloved teacher!
The sincere heart, bearing in mind the growth of bitterness, on the road to success forever can not be separated from your, my dear teacher, I wish you happiness forever!
The teacher, say you in the pillars of the motherland to cultivate than you are the pillars of the motherland, it is you, supporting our generation backbone.
Mr Li is always so kind to us, and he is so strict. So all the students in our class have a great respect and love her.
Some people say that you like, because the mountains towering, revered. I want to say that you like the sea, because Ohai Hiro, immeasurable.
She speaks of God, heaven, angel, it is kind; face also become young, moist eyes reveal a particularly warm light.
Dear teacher, although I do not often go to see you, but whenever I think of you, my heart will be a trace of warmth. I wish you happy every day!
You are more like the unknown roots, so that the small trees to grow, but also to the branches covered with fruitful fruit, but does not require any remuneration.
Success comes from your cultivation, excellent from your hard work. Cheer for today, we will always remember your original teachings and proverbs!
Your teacher career, there are countless proud and happy memories, but you put them in the bottom of my heart, and wwwst look at the opening of the garden.
Zhang, my Chinese teacher, she with us together one year, she gave me the deepest impression is her excellent eloquence and equality and tolerance of the heart.
I'm not your best student, but you are my most respected teacher. In your festival, I want to give you a high respect.
Rivers push us to the vast sea, the dawn brings us a beautiful morning, dear teacher, you lead us into a magnificent life.
Mr. Zhu, who fly in the ointment is small eyes, but eyes small spotlight, piercing, you look carefully, Mr Zhu's eyes will speak it!
Miss you, miss you teacher! For your blessing and will miss the days increasing, Momo scenes with deep feeling and blessing Ying, the good life of peace!
When I look back to see your eyes full of expectation, I cried. I know my greatest achievement, is your greatest satisfaction, I will not give up.
Teacher, you know, you better image on the platform of the great, good charming, hope you forever youthful, radiant, has pupils everywhere!
Dear teacher, you are the sincere love, wake up many lost, feeding the how much confidence, lit the many youth, destroy the hair how many Zhengfan.
Generously burn themselves, given all the heat, all of the light, full of energy. Teacher, you like a candle, beloved, revered!
Teacher you are the most unforgettable person in my life, because of you, let my life have fun, with you my life is a turning point, thank you!
Life is ordinary, one life is hard, the knowledge is dedicated, you are the messenger of civilization, you are the gardener, I sincerely thank you, I wish you health and happiness!
The teacher, everyone says you are training the pillars of the motherland; I have to say, you are the pillars of the motherland. It is you, prop up the backbone of our generation!
In the sea of life, teacher, you, like a high beacon lights, standing in the vast sea of gladne for our guide along the voyage!
The teacher is of medium height and of medium build. The teacher is very simple, dress simple and generous, generally do not wear skirts and too gorgeous clothes, prefer to wear sports clothes.
Teacher, when I think of you, it can not help but feel an upsurge of ups and downs, the gates of memory spontaneously open, it is wwwst like a movie, in my mind playing.
Wei teacher always face serious came into the classroom, there is little happy, so often on her class, are laid a serious gloomy mood.
Our sports teachers face wide forehead, thick eyebrows, aquiline nose and neck all the year round hanging the white whistle, twinkling in the chest.
You are like a candle, although thin, but have a fever, a light, lights others, exhausted. This selfless dedication, it will always bear in mind.
If there is no you thought in the moist, how will bloom so many beautiful soul flower ah, teachers, engineers of human soul, who will not praise you!
Spring rain, dyed green world, but they have quietly disappeared in the soil. Teacher, you are the spring rain to nourish our hearts, we will always thank you.
Your eyes are silent language, full of expectations for me; is the burning flame, give me a huge heat: it will be a long time, long time in my heart.
When I stepped into the school that day, you give me endless care, when I step out of the school that day, you have paid all of your. Teacher, you're so bitter!
Even if I Liangbinbanbai, will still call you from my heart the teacher! In this sacred and lofty words, I will always be a student who needs to be enlightened!