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The darkness is no darkness with thee.
The most powerful virus, is love and lies.
Don't love love, will never go bad.
Love makes you strong, but also makes you weak.
Do not easily say love, the promise is a debt owed.
Love only when it is free, will ye fan.
If I fall in love with your smile, how to collect how to have.
Until the day fine, maybe I'll love you again.
One thousand and one wishes too much, I wwwst want to achieve one is enough.
In love, a man's personality is superfluous, a woman's mind is superfluous.
Love is not a refuge, if you want to take refuge, then it will be driven out of the.
Give me a promise, I will not go anywhere, wwwst standing here waiting for you.
There are many life destiny, unanticipated at the time the board had already set up.
Although the love of the people are not the same, but looking at the sky is the only same.
Love is the mist, you are in the fog rose, across the green yarn to see you, call me!
In the world of love, there is no who sorry who, only who do not know how to cherish.
A feeling can bring you much pain, has brought you too much happiness.
Love, until after the inwwwry is always sorry, even if you don't feel me.
Love is like two pull rubber band, the inwwwred is always reluctant to let go of that one!
Since love, why not say that the export, some things lost, you can not come back!
Can make a man easy woman is a good woman, can let a woman meet the man is a good man.
Fish bait, it is because the fish fell in love with the fisherman, it is willing to use life to Bo fisherman smile.
A good woman is a man's school. Good women hope that the good students never graduate.
We put down our self-esteem, put down the pride, let down the wayward, because we can not put a person.
Love to the end of the time will come to an end, when the time, you do not want to draw a full stop is not.
Love is a growth in the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs on the edge of the flower removal must have the courage.
If a person's feelings are understood to take off, then another person will go to hell.
Not feeling than a Bibi, a shabby; feeling not withstand scrutiny, a break into fragments.
I put down the dignity, put down the character, put down the stubborn, wwwst because you can not let go.
Love is always in the time difference, not you early, that is, I am late, anyway, always not synchronized.
Rain over the air, tired of the sad, I remember the fairy tale has been slowly melting.
To a promise, even knowing it as a kiss linger in the skin, will lose marks.
If the husband or wife always want to do the other side of the police, then look at the other side is a bit like a thief.
The fire of love, or should not be renewed. Again, those beautiful memories of the past will come to nothing.
If life only as first, I would like that person is not you, I am waiting for the person who is still on the way.
The world's most sad, not that I don't fall in love, but without loss of strength to love.
Life is a contract can be terminated at any time, when the most pure love can transcend death.
Love is a gamble, gamblers to the future years as a bargaining chip, betting on the happiness of the distant time.
Sometimes, love is also a kind of hurt, cruel people, choose to hurt other people, good people, choose to hurt themselves.
Love is a kind of false need to continue to be proved, as fireworks need to be lit to see brilliant.
A person to want to find someone to accompany, a person lost their own, I do not know there is no need to be in the chase.
If, not happy, if, not happy, then let go; if, do not let go, then the pain.
Margin is the beginning of love, love is the process of love, let us together in the edge and love of the ocean to find the results of love it!
The first cry is because you are not, the first smile because of you, the first smile tears because you can not have!
Always want to find an excuse to meet your time, catch your eyes, even if it is also reviewing, long aftertaste.
Some of the time, is to love quietly away, the figure is away, hide not open is a silent feelings.
The snow outside the window, a cup of coffee, hold it cool, wwwst know and think of you, I look forward to how you can understand!
Some of the encounters between people is like a meteor, sudden spark of envy, but is being in love with you.
The life of you, sunny; life with you, the warm seasons; the life of you, take the bull by the horns; life is you expect forever.
Unlucky, empty have a talent in the world, Yihong Casely, into worlds of Acacia, when to meet again, peach blossom still, people have been beyond recognition.
Our life has too many helpless, we can not change, but also unable to change, even worse, we lost the idea of change.
If you fall in love, do not easily let go the opportunity, rash, may make you regret for a while, cowardice, but may make you regret for a lifetime.
I want to put your heart for ten thousand years, but I miss the same. I want to put my heart in your heart, The end of life really never change.
Love should be willing to dull, but not dull; the ordinary, but extraordinary. No longer to think before, no longer clinging to read once.
You when I was a kite, or to let me free, or receive a good home, don't use a look see emotions and thoughts tied with me, let me heartache.
Simple quiet life is not happy, so I only embrace the moment, long lasting feeling is not happy, so I only believe in a moment.
I can feel your pain, you have the helpless you can not say... But you make a no matter what you do, the more you do, the more I feel uncomfortable.
In the long journey of life, we almost brushed past, you gently pulled my hand, I really hope that this pair of warm hands will always hold me!
Do not be friends after breaking up, because they hurt each other, can not do the enemy, because love each other deeply, so we become the most familiar stranger.
You glance, like a crystal fountain lingers in my mind, more profound than poetry, gesture is beautiful, is my life a new century of the morning.
Fall in love with you, without demur to hold you, every few days to look for you, four no kiss you, five days marry to you, not separate for sixty years!
Some lost is doomed, some fate is never a result, love a not necessarily have, have a person must be good to love him.
If the love is a kind of happiness, then, the loss of love may also be another kind of happiness; get is a kind of happiness; loss may also be another kind of happiness.
Nothing in the world can be eternal. If it flows, it will go; if it is kept, it will dry up; if it grows, it will slowly fade away.
I firmly believe that a person miss another person, should be a quiet mind... Love, this power, often can instantly reach the shore of grey-haired.
Because there is a star, the night will not be dark; because there is a sky, the sea is blue; because there is a dream, life is full of hope; because you, my world a brilliant!
I cry not because I am sad, because I cried. I have no way to live like a normal person, if you leave me, I don't know my life will change.
Sometimes the girl's psychology is very delicate. You beside her infatuation for several years, she does not love you, but once you love the others, she could not bear.
A woman won the higher, the more she feel valuable, easy hanging high to sell. Instead, put a place, she will turn back to you, in fact, her heart.
A passionate, twice the sleepless night, three Chafanbusi, four times the Xinyu aspiration, countless love merged into a phrase only words: dear, I think of you.
From our acquaintance, to my heart dark Xu to you, every day is the most beautiful poem. Would like to accompany you to watch the sunrise and sunset, and would like to accompany you to spend a lifetime.
From the beautiful encounter to the stupid love, from romantic love at the first sight to Shengsixiangxu agreed, the fleeting days, let a pair of men and women seemed to experience a few years of love metamorphosis.
I pluck the moonlight, melt in the sweet of love; I take the star of the stars, inlaid in the happiness of love; I read it again, let the promise in your life, love you!
Let the parting cup, pour a full cup of love of wine, the day of reunion, I will personally delivered to your hands, let Acacia tears moisten dry hearts, let love forever exudes intoxicating aroma.
I love you, don't hide, I hope you know. Unconsciously, always think of you; countless times, hope to accompany you; the ends of the earth, as long as with you in together, that is the happiness of heaven.
The one I love, is you. I love your heart, I wish you know. I love you love, that is deeper than the sea. I love you for a lifetime, effective. Just want to let you know, I love you to the old!
Give you gentle, don't let you worry about happiness; give you my money, don't let you run for life; waiting for you, don't let you worry about loneliness; give you my hands, please go with me in life!
Think you look forward to you, read you love you, care about you thinking of you, missing you bless you, the pursuit of you to find you, spoil you protect you, the world is only one you, I only love you!
Waiting for a sunrise, take a day; wait a full moon, a month; wait for a flower and need to a year; waiting for a love you for life, need a lifetime. I will always love you.
I am a small boat, the boat is full of love for you. I swam through the storm, the rapids, to draw you to fling caution to the winds. You will always be my side, you will always be my shelter.
Give you a happy sun, to drive away the haze of trouble you; send you a gentle moon, romantic your charming eyes, fixed a time instant, attestation and water without sweet love without words. Love you.