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1、Stylish carried to the inferior level of flattering, and then the bad and the good become very similar。时髦把低劣抬到了讨人喜欢的水平,继而把坏的和好的变得十分相像。
2、Bald print love, a man loves a woman。 In the network, whether it is a man loves a woman, or a woman love a man, we all have to look sincere。 Care, deceived the taste we owe feel better!秃头绝版恋爱,某男子深爱某女性。在网络,不管是某男子深爱某女性,还是某女性深爱某男子,大家都要真诚看待。将心比心,受骗的滋味大家都欠好受!
3、Embrace the really strange thing, obviously rely so close, but not see each other's face。拥抱真是个奇怪的东西,明明靠的那么近,却看不见彼此的脸。
4、Doctor, could you give me a prescription regret it give me a cup Forget Love Potion ╮医生、麻烦你给我开点后悔药再给我杯忘情水╮
5、I too admire my own, and sometimes look in the mirror gave their kowtow。我太佩服我自己了、有时候照镜子的时候都给自己磕头
6、You're not a cactus, why so strong。你不是仙人掌,又何必那么坚强。
7、Fear of God as the enemy, afraid of a dog buddy。不怕神一样的敌人,就怕狗一样的哥们。
8、People always want to do some thing good spirits know, dry point bad children always thought that ghosts do not know, we are too embarrassed to let a ghost。人干点好事儿总想让鬼神知道,干点坏事儿总以为鬼神不知道,我们太让鬼为难了。
9、Those allowed to be squandered's called youth。那些允许被挥霍的年代叫做青春
10、Can take away the love, it is not called love。能被抢走的爱人,那不叫爱人。
11、Not the most beautiful rainy day, is once you escape the rain roof。最美的不是下雨天,是曾与你躲过雨的屋檐。
12、I emphasize the man to be low-key。 May you have to give me applause and screaming。我一在强调做人要低调。可你们非要给我掌声和尖叫。
13、Eye for you the rain, but their heart for you umbrella。眼睛为你下着雨,心却为你撑着伞
14、The world will not care about your self-esteem, people see only your accomplishments。 You do not have success in the past, not too much emphasis on self-esteem。世界不会在意你的自尊,人们看的只是你的成就。在你没有成就以前,切勿过分强调自尊。
15、Take the most urgent is the most beautiful scenery, the deepest wound was the most real emotions。走的最急的是最美的景色,伤的最深的是最真的感情。
16、I know you before helpless, you know, after I no cure。认识你之前我无依无靠,认识你之后我无药可医。
17、You said you would wait for me to come back, you are waiting, but also to find a man and other people。你说你会等我回来,你是等了,还找了一个人一起等。
18、Only defensible secrets to get more secrets。只有守得住秘密的人才能得到更多的秘密。
19、Some people say that loneliness is shameful, but fashion is a means of resistance alone, this is fashion realm。有人说孤独是可耻的,而时尚则是抵抗孤独的手段,这才是时尚的境界。
20、Chopin, if you pop my sorrow I'll give you two dollars。肖邦,你若弹出我的悲伤 我就给你两块钱。
21、Smart people should be happy, I think smart people often troubled。聪明的人应当是快乐的,自以为聪明的人才常常感到烦恼。
22、Busy, there are thing that thing, all right, said the whole thing a little。忙,有事儿说事儿,没事儿整点儿事儿说。
23、If you see a shadow in front, do not be afraid, it is because the sun behind you。如果你看到面前的阴影,别怕,那是因为你的背后有阳光
24、World is so chaotic, for whom pure installed。世界那么乱,装纯给谁看。
25、Fashion, is a kind of aesthetic view。 Brother is a punk, you satisfied 时尚,就是一种审美观。哥就朋克,你不服吗?
26、Demand and not, homes and can not, must not hesitate, this is the greatest tragedy。求而不得,舍而不能,得而不惜,这是人最大的悲哀。
27、Do not do the biggest difference is: the latter has the right to comment on the former。做与不做的最大区别是:后者拥有对前者的评论权。
28、Brother smoking because it hurt the lungs, not sad!哥吸烟是因为它伤肺、不伤心!
29、Life is like a phone, not you hang up, that is, I'll hang up。人生就像打电话,不是你先挂,就是我先挂。
30、Some people like this, they are maggots all over the world feel is a big bog。有些人就是这样, 自己是蛆就觉得全世界是一个大粪池。
31、God determines who is your relative, fortunately, it can choose our friends left the room for you。上天决定了谁是你的亲戚,幸运的是在选择朋友方面它给你留了余地。
32、Give me a girl。 I can create a nation。给我一个姑娘。我可以创造一个民族。
33、Some things must not be missed: a dream come true free lunch card cash back。有些事情绝不能错过:天上掉馅饼免费吃午餐刷卡返现金。
34、Tired it? Tired on the way, is left to comfort the dead。累么?累就对了,舒服是留给死人的。
35、Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty。 Actually not, luxury is the opposite of vulgarity。有人认为奢侈是贫穷的对立面。其实不是,奢侈是粗俗的对立面。
36、Man believed to be flirting, woman thought it was exotic。男人认为是调情,女人以为是情调。
37、I am still young and need guidance。 However, I do not need you pointing。我还年青,需要指点。但是,不需要您对我指指点点
38、Picked up a penny in the street, it should be handed pol。 Uncle ice hand side, this is the principle。 But they picked up ten dollars this is beyond the scope of the principle。在马路边捡到一分钱,这要上交给pol。ice叔叔手里边 ,这是原则。但捡到十块钱 这已经超出了原则的范围了。
39、I allow you into my world, but does not allow you to walk around in my world。我允许你走进我的世间,但不允许你在我世间走来走去。
40、Front man for his wife to work generally consists of a tie, the man from the bed for a long time lover solution belt for him。男人上班前一般由老婆为他系领带,男人上床前多时由情人为他解裤带。
41、Earth is in motion, a person will not always be in a bad position。地球是运动的,一个人不会永远处在倒霉的位置。
42、Something directly to Ben theme, do not take your ignorance, challenge my blacklist。有事直接奔主题, 不要拿你的无知, 挑战我的黑名单。
43、Wear high heels, you're changed。穿上高跟鞋,你就变了。
44、Not strong no tears, but tears can get ahead。强者不是没有眼泪,只是可以含着眼泪向前跑
45、Tiechu to ground into a needle, but can only be ground into toothpicks Mu Chu, material does not, more effort is useless。铁杵能磨成针,但木杵只能磨成牙签,材料不对,再努力也没用。
46、True gentleman is: the attitude of the WTO's work, born of the attitude to life。真君子是:以入世之态度做事,以出世之态度做人。
47、Everyone laughed at the old fashion, but religiously pursue new fashion。每一个人都嘲笑陈旧的时尚,却虔诚地追求新的时尚。
48、My dream is to save women from the original natural state。我的梦想是把女性从天然的本来状态中拯救出来。
49、A man with smoke, with wine, and will have a story; woman money, with good looks, and will have a tragedy。男人有了烟,有了酒,也就有了故事;女人有了钱,有了姿色,也就有了悲剧。
50、I never lie, except friends other than this sentence。我从不说谎,除啦这句话以外。
51、Run into a group of hooligans on the Internet is not terrible, terrible is run into a bunch of rogue software。在网上碰上一群流氓并不可怕,可怕的是碰上了一堆流氓软件。
52、Humble surface, hide his metamorphosis。卑微的表面,掩饰内心的变态。
53、A life is nothing more than to let others smiled, and occasionally smiled others。 人生在世无非是让别人笑笑,偶尔笑笑别人。
54、Style is a first instinct, intuition。风格首先是一种本能、直觉。
55、You are in great shape, good to see you even the Monkey King, I will give you three sticks of。你身材很好,好的连孙悟空看见你,都会给你三棍子了。
56、Bow to the courage, looked to have confidence。低头要有勇气,抬头要有底气。
57、Enthusiasm is a beautiful secret。 No warm beauty is unattractive。热情是美丽的秘密。没有热情的美丽是没有吸引力的。
58、His hospitality, that he wwwst fell in love with you; he was clumsy, it is his deep love of you; he calmly, that he was tired of you。他殷勤,那是他刚刚爱上你;他笨拙,那是他深深爱着你;他从容,那是他已厌倦你。
59、Fast end of the world, there are things I have been telling you, I actually Altman。世界快末日了,有件事情我一直瞒着你,其实我是奥特曼。
60、Freedom is not what you want, but can not you do not want to do。自由不是做你想做的,而是可以不做你不想做的。
61、Advertising look good, suddenly wwwmped out a TV series。广告看的好好的,突然蹦出个电视剧。
62、The higher the line, prove that more people lonely。在线率越高,证明这个人越寂寞。
63、Man's love is like an ad, a brief but exciting; woman's love is like soap operas, lengthy and complex。男人的爱情就像广告词,简短而精彩;女人的爱情就像连续剧,冗长而复杂。
64、Love is not a refuge, refuge then want to go, they will be driven out。爱情不是避难所,想进去避难的话,是会被赶出来的。
65、Believe it or not I slap you take the wall, pull all pull down。你信不信我一巴掌把你拍墙上,抠都抠不下来
66、Empty head does not matter, the key is not to water。脑袋空不要紧、关键是不要进水。
67、Devil killer body, a large wavy golden hair shine, slender legs wearing a yellow goose miniskirts, show figure of the perfect。魔鬼般惹火的身材,一头大波浪形金黄卷发发出耀眼的光芒,修长的大腿穿着一条鹅黄色的超短迷你裙,显出身材的完美绝伦。
68、Memory like the palm of the water, whether you spread out or clenched, will eventually flow drop by drop from the fingers clean。记忆像是掌心里的水,不论你摊开还是紧握,终究还是会从指缝中一滴一滴流淌干净。
69、Not afraid to drink dichlorvos, afraid openings Enjoy a pleasant surprise more than a bottle!不怕喝敌敌畏,就怕开盖有惊喜 畅享多一瓶!
70、The Pursuit of Happyness, I probably was not at home。当幸福来敲门的时候,我或许不在家。
71、Sister is not the Mona Lisa, not all smiles for everyone。姐不是蒙娜丽莎,不会对每个人都微笑。
72、My signature is very expensive, especially to sign the check above!我的签名很贵,尤其是签在支票上面!
73、Fashion and film are the kind of audience do not feel or see the glossy surface behind the work of the industry。时装和电影都是那种观众感受不到或者看不到光鲜表面背后的工作的行业。
74、Fifty cents and fifty cents is the happiest because they make up a piece。五毛和五毛是最幸福的 因为他们凑成了一块。
75、Fast-paced world, I was too serious。花花世界,是我太认真。
76、Family, friends, love, and why the word love always in the back。 Because finally be real feelings。亲情,友,爱情,为什么情字总在后面。因为走到最后才是真正的感情。
77、When I was younger, we often directed at the mirror and make faces; old age, the mirror be even。年轻的时候,我们常常冲着镜子做鬼脸;年老的时候,镜子算是扯平了。
78、A friend of the depth of trust, not you will not see him laugh, but to see you willing to cry in front of him。对一个朋友信任的深浅,不是看你会不会对他笑,而是看你愿不愿意当着他的面哭。
79、Man's strength is your pocket yuan。男人的实力就是你兜里的人民币。
80、A mature person can often find fewer and fewer people to blame, because everyone has difficulties。一个成熟的人往往发觉可以责怪的人越来越少,因为人人都有难处。
81、The so-called fashion is now tradition。 Traditional comes with some kind of necessity, so that people of non-par to it is not。所谓时尚就是目前的传统。传统都带有某种必要性,使人们非向它看齐不可。
82、Women like men have a sense of security; men are often insecure woman to attract。女人喜欢有安全感的男人;男人却往往被缺乏安全感的女人吸引。
83、The world is ours, and also his sons, can ultimately gang grandchildren。世界是我们的,也是儿子们的,可最终是那帮孙子们的。
84、Laughing wwwst a face, has nothing to do with happiness。笑只是一个表情,与快乐无关。