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1、See you filled in the joy of heaven, dressed in starlight, I wwwst want to sincerely wish you, happy newlywed, love each other happiness forever!看你们洋溢在喜悦的天堂,披着闪闪星光,我只想衷心的祝福你们,新婚愉快,相亲相爱幸福永远!
2、To the happy couple, congratulations on this happy occasion and best wishes for everything good in the years to come。恭贺幸福伉俪新婚之禧,并祝来日事事称心如意。
3、Bare Naked marriage is not wwwst a form, and can not be the key to dominate happiness, happiness or decision lies with the people!裸不裸婚只是一种形式,并不能成为主宰幸福的关键,决定幸福与否还是在于人!
4、Today is the day of your marriage, I congratulate you on behalf of my family, I wish you both a happy, long marriage forever chou!今天是你们喜结良缘的日子,我代表我家人祝贺你们,祝你俩幸福美满,永俦偕老!
5、Marriage and the car will be wwwdgmental of others。 Open luxury car will be envious broke open the car; a happy marriage will be unhappy people jealous。婚姻和车都会被旁人评头论足。开高档汽车的会被开破车的眼馋;幸福的婚姻会被不幸福的人眼红。
6、Re happy man should marry, happiness is not the only thing。再快乐的单身汉迟早也会结婚,幸福不是永久的嘛。
7、Marriage and cars and a red light contact。 You can not drive through a red light; marriage fear the red light district。婚姻和车都和红灯联系在一块。开车不能闯红灯;婚姻最怕红灯区。
8、When used to replace banknotes love pretty clothes to buy romance, marriage bill when you want to solve mundane worship diapers。恋爱时钞票拿来更换靓衣买到浪漫,婚姻时钞票要用来供奉柴米油盐解决尿不湿。
9、Marriage is a difficult subject that requires two people co-operation。 Everyone in their own marriage has its own well-being and are not satisfied, the key is their true feelings。婚姻是个很难的课题,需要两个人共同经营。每个人在自己的婚姻里都有自己的幸福和不满意的地方,关键在于自己真实的感受。
10、When couples get together first it is frank, we or do not knot, a knot, do not divorce。 Marriage to operate with everyone, not one-sided to run, such a marriage would last。夫妻相处首先就是要坦诚,大家要不就不结,一结就不要离婚。婚姻要大家一起经营,不是单方面去经营,这样的婚姻一定会长久。
11、I wish you both Enenaiai, Italy Benedict wife, this life of eternal love, love growing!愿你俩恩恩爱爱,意笃情深,此生爱情永恒,爱心与日俱增!
12、Marriage is a man and a woman compete for the right to speak, war economic rights, control rights。婚姻就是一场男人和女人争夺话语权、经济权、掌控权的**。
13、A greeting to wish you a new mood, ready to bring you a blessing a new starting point。 Sincerely wish you a happy wedding, happy, always be in love!愿一个问候带给你们一个新的心情,愿一个祝福带给你们一个新的起点。真诚地祝福你们新婚快乐、幸福美满、永浴爱河!
14、I heard you guys tomorrow to the hotel, to find a middleman enchant ring。 I was happy that way, you have today, ha ha! You let me say? Married, you both go after the rest of my life to live happy!听说你们俩明天去酒店,找个中间人去换戒指。我心里那个高兴呀,你也有今天,哈哈!你让我说什么好呢?结婚了,你俩后半辈子幸福的过着去吧!
15、Although regrettable marriage。 Love is sugar, to eat sweet, too are tired; marriage is water, thirsty longing, thirsty by light。婚姻虽然让人感到遗憾。恋爱是糖,吃来甜,过则腻;婚姻是水,渴者向往,不渴者淡
16、This time, when flowers are Choi moment is auspicious moment, you are joyful moment。 I wish you: quite divine, eternal love。这时刻,是花开的时,是飞彩的时刻,是吉庆的时刻,是你大喜的时刻。祝你:天赐良缘,百年好合。
17、Ten years of cultivation the same boat, a bed sleep a hundred years of cultivation。 She found a big crowd, clearly was a margin of thousands of years ago; with sincere care of this edge of it, I wish you a happy wedding!十年修得同船渡,百年修得共枕眠。于茫茫人海中找到她,分明是千年前的一段缘;用真心呵护这份缘吧,祝你新婚幸福美满!
18、In marriage, love is very important, but more important to understand。 Along with a person for a long time, if you do not know each other, this love is hard to remember。 在婚姻中,爱情很重要,但是了解更重要。跟一个人相处很久,如果互相不了解,这个爱也是很难记住的。
19、Marriage and cars are needed to concentrate。 Car must be dedicated, otherwise fatal car crash; the marriage can not wander, otherwise you will Laoyanfenfei。婚姻和车都需要集中精力。开车一定要专心致志,否则就会车毁人亡;婚姻不能开小差,否则就会劳燕分飞。
20、Marriage is like a maze, build a marriage on the people themselves have been lost before。婚姻就像迷宫,盖婚姻的人自己就已经先迷路了。
21、Ten years of cultivation the same boat, a bed sleep a hundred years of cultivation。 She found a big crowd, clearly was a margin of thousands of years ago, I wish you both happiness, total plunge。十年修得同船渡,百年修得共枕眠。于茫茫人海中找到她,分明是千年前的一段缘,祝你俩幸福美满,共谐连理。
22、Happiness is the heart of the home, longing for happiness is love。 Happiness is to make the heart sing in the house of love; happiness is to spend the day with loved ones in the central city of happiness!幸福是心的归宿,幸福是爱的向往。幸福,就是让心在爱的房子里歌唱;幸福,就是天天与心爱的家人相守在幸福之城的中央!
23、Through love, through passion, into marriage, into the plain, after seven-year itch, crossed the threshold decade, the marriage of the road is to be a dead or wider, thanks to us how to care, how to operations。走过爱情,走过**,走进婚姻,走进平淡,经过七年之痒,迈过十年之坎,婚姻之路是进入死胡同还是越走越宽,全靠我们如何去呵护、如何去经营。
24、Marriage can never be used to save a broken love, broken love can only get broken marriages。婚姻从来不能用来挽救一段破碎的爱情,破碎的爱情只能得到破碎的婚姻。
25、Do not pay attention to a woman marriage is marital problems, too much emphasis on marriage, the woman is a marriage problem。不重视婚姻的女人是个婚姻问题,太重视婚姻的女人是个婚姻难题。
26、Marriage is like a magic show, you have not found before the flaw has ended, leaving only the head is full of suspicion and a voided ticket。婚姻就像魔术表演,在你还没发现破绽前就已经结束了,留下的只是满脑子狐疑与一张作废的门票。
27、In this warm spring flowers, beautiful and fragrant flowers Tuyan day, you both forever enthusiasts, is called born of a land born pair! I wish you both Enenaiai life together!在这春暧花开、群芳吐艳的日子里,你俩永结同好,正所谓天生一对、地生一双!祝愿你俩恩恩爱爱,白头偕老!
28、May your love, more beautiful than US spill; more fragrance than the anointing oil; than honeycomb dripping honey sweeter; and more valuable than a very expensive treasure!愿你们的爱情,比美洒更美;比膏油更加馨香;比蜂房下滴的蜜更甜;且比极贵的珍宝更加宝贵!
29、Send blessings used to grow old, and today you want to send a song called sweet honey, used to tie the knot to send greetings, send a poem called kapok you today, I wish you both laugh from this sweet, love of life and death。送惯了白头偕老的祝福,今天想送你一首歌叫甜蜜蜜,送惯了喜结良缘的问候,今天送你一首诗叫木棉,祝你们俩从此笑的甜蜜蜜,爱的生死不离。
30、Marriage is their own, wwwst as his own life and breathing, others unable to participate, the opinions of others only for reference, in fact, for everyone, happy marriage are the same, but unfortunately there is their unfortunate marriage。婚姻是自己的,就如同自己的生命和呼吸一样,别人无从参与,别人的意见只是参考,其实对于每个人来说,幸福的婚姻都是一样的,而不幸的婚姻却有各自的不幸。
31、Everything is doomed fate, who can not fully refined, but never give up the pursuit of true love, even a lifetime until the end of life。一切皆是缘份注定,谁也无法完全脱俗,但永远不要放弃对真爱的追求,那怕穷其一生直到生命的尽头。
32、Her husband, the marriage is a life sentence, the purpose is to keep you closer to other people, do not let another woman close to you。 His wife, the marriage is wwwst a lifelong Insurance。对老公来说,婚姻是一种终身监禁,目的是不让你接近别的人,也不让别的女人接近你。对老婆来说,婚姻只是一种终身保险
33、Floats flying Red, happiness like rain struck, sweet song from Minato, singing your past。 Firecrackers exploded haze, like windblown happy marriage of friendship bear in mind, I wish you good luck。花车飞过红尘,幸福似雨来袭,甜蜜的歌凑起,唱着你们过去。鞭炮炸开阴霾,快乐似风吹起,结婚的情谊铭记,愿你们万事如意。
34、Marriage as if gilded cage, bird cage outside want to live in, the bird cage fly out; so away from the knot from the knot and not the Bureau。结婚仿佛金漆的鸟笼,笼子外面的鸟想住进去,笼内的鸟想飞出来;所以结而离,离而结,没有了局。
35、Marriage tastes like strawberries, sweet and sour and refreshing wwwst picked when, over time, leaving only the sour, sour later also slip into tasteless difficult entrance, but in fact, only this time, truly understand the marriage。婚姻的味道就像草莓,刚摘的时候甜酸爽口,过一段时间唯酸味留,后来酸味也溜走,变成无味难入口,而其实,只有这个时候,才算真正懂得了婚姻。
36、A woman has two lives, one died of a divorce, a divorce was born。一个女人有两条命,一条死于离婚,一条生于离婚。
37、Marriage is an attitude towards love, dare to love going to her happy home, do not take the feelings of others tortured nerve, do not put the marriage seriously, now dare to love, and then give her a brave happy wedding it。结婚是一种对待爱情的态度,敢爱就要给她幸福的归属,别拿感情折磨别人的神经,别不把结婚当回事,既然敢爱了,那就勇敢的给她一个幸福的婚礼吧。
38、The highest level of sexual gratification is a relative of two insatiable, bless you really love each other, similar to permanent hand! He holds Jubilee wedding!两情相悦的最高境界是相对两无厌,祝福你们真心相爱,牵手相约永久!抱贺新婚之禧!
39、As you start your married life together hand in hand, may all the things you're hoping for turn out the way you've planned。当你开始你的婚姻生活中携手共进,可能所有的东西你希望变成你所计划的方式。
40、Filled in the joy of heaven, dressed in sparkling moonlight, sigh: only envy the duck does not envy cents。洋溢在喜悦的天堂,披着闪闪月光,堪叹:只羡鸳鸯不羡仙。
41、Marriage is a promise for two hearts to give―one word, one love, one life to live。 Best wishes… today and always。婚姻是一个承诺,两颗心给―一个字,一个爱,一条生命。最好的祝福……今天和永远。
42、Wishing you were enenaiai, Benedict Italian love eternal love, life, love grow with each passing day!愿你俩恩恩爱爱,意笃情深,此生爱情永恒,爱心与日俱增!
43、Marriage is like a breeze, stroking you my body, marriage, such as fresh air, you nourish my soul, so that you and I combined marriage, love each other, no longer separated。 婚姻就像一缕清风,轻抚着你我的躯体,婚姻如一股清泉,滋养着你我的心灵,婚姻使你我合二为一,相亲相爱,不再分离。
44、Marriage is a happy decision, two affectionate hand, is Sansei stone same commitment, is four generations of the most beautiful dreams。结婚是一个幸福的决定,是两个有情的牵手,是三生石上不变的承诺,是四世同堂最美的梦境。
45、Peer most unfavorable marriage, because what each expert, who also coax who does not fall, the husband does not worship enigmatic wife, the rise will not blindly worship her husband, the foundation of marriage is not strong。同行最不宜结婚,因为彼此事行家,谁也哄不倒谁,丈夫不会莫测高深地崇拜太太,抬头也不会盲目地崇拜丈夫,婚姻的基础就不牢固。
46、Marriage means another stage of life a man has begun, and I was his firm went into this siege。婚姻意味着男人生活的另一个阶段已经开始,而我是自己坚定地走进这个围城。
47、I wish you tie the knot, conwwwgal bliss! Wedding happy, sweet sweet honey!祝你们永结同心,百年好合!新婚愉快,甜甜蜜蜜!
48、Wife of infidelity, the husband half of the responsibility。 Husband infidelity, Mrs。 half responsibility。 If the other side forced a hasty retreat, the responsibility is even greater。妻子不贞,丈夫有一半责任。丈夫不贞,太太也有一半责任。如果把对方逼得落荒而逃,责任就更大。
49、Whether it is a poor and white nude wedding or, or sheltered rich marriage or, happiness is always the same tone and pursuit。不管是一穷二白的裸婚也好,或者是锦衣玉食的富婚也好,幸福是永远不变的基调和追求。
50、The sweetness of sharing a dream made for two is one life's greatest treasures。 Wishing you both much happiness and a wonderful life。甜蜜分享鸳梦是人生的最大财富。祝你们幸福。
51、Wish you a happy newlywed, happiness, passion forever, life together! Blessing the couple truly in love, the same permanent! He holds Jubilee wedding!祝福你们新婚愉快,幸福美满,**永在,白头偕老!祝福一对新人真心相爱,相约永久!抱贺新婚之禧!
52、You this is born of a right, to make a pair, now co-kai, even the rationale, the future is even more forgiving each other, care for each other, bless you!你们本就是天生一对,地造一双,而今共偕连理,今后更需彼此宽容、互相照顾,祝福你们!
53、Tropsch breeze to carry a heartfelt blessing, let clouds offer sincere affection; when the wedding, full of intoxicating sweet. I wish my dear friend, happiness forever!托清风捎去衷心的祝福,让流云奉上真挚的情意;新婚之时,充满醉人的甜蜜。谨祝我最亲爱的朋友,幸福到永远!
54、Get to know God, know each other's sincerity, love affection, accompanied by the mind, once free, now turned into a Sweetie, once any, wishful doing now。 Life wholeheartedly, love sincere meaning。结识的天意,相知的诚意,相爱的情意,相伴的心意,曾经的随意,化作今朝的蜜意,曾经的任意,边做今朝的如意。一生一心一意,是爱情真挚的意义。
55、Hard the rest of my life, contributed for decades, in this warm spring day flowers to congratulate you remarry hi, is called "evening is magnificent, Hemerocallis late to incense"辛劳了半辈子,贡献了几十年,在这春暧花开的日子,恭贺您再婚之喜,正所谓“夕无限好,萱草晚来香”
56、Say goodbye to the love you laugh at me downtown, to welcome you back into floats and happiness to continue, I will continue to warm you, stand not want to give up, the fortunes did not want to leave, do not want to bully success or failure, life and death together。 Come and spend the marriage sweet。暂别了你笑我闹的恋爱,把你放进花车迎回来,生活幸福要继续,我会继续温暖你,甘苦不想弃,福祸不想离,成败不想欺,生死在一起。来吧,共度婚姻的甜蜜。
57、By a friend and love, the more love and friend。 Shenxianwwwanlv often said that to you! One year, I wish you love, friend each new year!由相知而相爱,由相爱而更加相知。人们常说的神仙眷侣就是你们了!祝你们相爱年年岁岁,相知岁岁年年!
58、Do not make marriage want complicated, sensational Do not be afraid。 Those deemed to be rumors, the key to having peace of mind to live!莫把婚姻想复杂,耸人听闻别害怕。那些当作是谣言,关键塌实过日子!
59、Marriage is a woman to operate a business。 If one day the end of the world, you had in mind is certainly not the cause, but their families。婚姻也是女人要经营的事业。如果有一天世界末日来了,你脑子里想的肯定不会是事业,而是家人。
60、I wish you a sincere love of the fire, as the rising sun, the longer the more prosperous; let all the water can not be extinguished, neither can the floods drown!愿你们真诚的相爱之火,如初升的太阳,越久越旺;让众水也不能熄灭,大水也不能淹没!
61、Continuing to love, a happy marriage, wife solid to please her husband, the husband should please the wife, as to how to please, but an advanced art.为了爱情的持续,婚姻的美满,妻子固要取悦丈夫,丈夫也要取悦妻子,至于如何取悦,乃是一种高级的艺术。
62、Every good wish on your wedding day。 Wishing you a world of happiness and love as all your dreams come true。谨贺新婚之禧!但愿天从人愿,幸福与爱情无边!
63、I wish you a happy birthday when the door of happiness, the keep for long time!祝你敲开幸福之门的时候,把这份幸福长久的保持下去!
64、Since into the marriage, with time like a wolf with tiger。 Hua Yan old completely gone, ferocious everywhere at any time crazy。 I do not know what things worldly marriage, and now I discovered that the siege wall。自从走进婚姻殿堂,时刻犹如伴虎伴狼。昔日花颜完全不见,满目狰狞随时抓狂。不知世间婚姻何物,如今才知围城高墙。
65、I wish you to tie the knot, a harmonious union lasting a hundred years! A happy newlywed, sweet sweet honey!祝你们永结同心,百年好合!新婚愉快,甜甜蜜蜜!
66、Say that marriage is the tomb of love, that is the idea of ?other people, I think marriage is heaven。 Depends on how the parties to operate, is a paradise for well run, business was bad is hell。说婚姻是爱情的坟墓,那是人家的想法,我觉得婚姻是天堂。要看双方怎么去经营,经营得好是天堂,经营得不好就是地狱。
67、A good marriage is by no means to be changed each other much, but adapt well to each other。好的婚姻绝不是被彼此改变得多,而是彼此适应得好。
68、Marriage and cars need maintenance。 Car for long periods of maintenance, will turn off a strike; long-term maintenance of the marriage, a breakdown rupture。婚姻和车都需要保养。汽车长期不保养,会熄火罢工;婚姻长期不保养,会抛锚破裂。
69、The best, the most painful is love! Noble is the largest lowliest is marriage and the family。最美好的,也是最痛苦的就是爱情!最大高贵的也是最低贱的就是婚姻和家庭。
70、Let my brother as Isaac, honest and brave, trust and obey, such as wings of the eagle soar; let my sister like Rebekah, gentle and kind, industrious virtuous, as a fruitful vine!愿我的弟兄如同以撒,诚实勇敢、信靠顺服,如展翅飞腾的鹰;愿我的姊妹如同利百加,温柔善良、勤劳才德,如多结果子的葡萄树!
71、Marriage should not be too great love, not hate each other enough to be married the capital。结婚无须太伟大的爱情,彼此不讨厌已经够结婚资本了。
72、Happiness is tired wife's shoulder, happiness is when the baby wakes up smiling, happiness is a cold day mother's orders, happiness is a full house of family reunion!幸福是疲倦时爱人的肩膀,幸福是醒来时宝宝的微笑,幸福是天凉时母亲的嘱咐,幸福是团圆时满座的家人!
73、God established marriage, happy marriage is the gift of God's grace; God willing we will all the blessing of heaven, the earth possession and blessing, have given you and your family!婚姻是神所设立的,美满的婚姻是神所赐恩的;愿我们的神将天上所有的福,地里所藏的福,都赐给你们和你们的家庭!
74、Perfect marriage is: let her husband live in hell, but felt like in heaven。完美的婚姻就是:让老公生活在地狱里,但觉得像在天堂。
75、Blessing a new love, similar to a permanent! Congratulations on your wedding day!祝福一对新人真心相爱,相约永久!恭贺新婚之禧!
76、Marriage and vehicles are required fuel。 Car fuel called gasoline, no gasoline can not move; marital fuel called love, no love, can not go hand in marriage to the old。婚姻和车都需要燃料。车的燃料叫汽油,没有汽油动不了;婚姻的燃料叫爱,没有爱的婚姻不能携手到老。
77、Marriage and cars have a safe haven。 Haven known car garage; marriage harbor called home。婚姻和车都有避风港。车的避风港叫做车库;婚姻的港湾叫做家。
78、Since marriage is not wwwst two people face to face, hand to get married should be two people together to face the world。结婚不是从此只有两个人面对面,结婚应该是两个人牵手共同面对这个世界。
79、Married trilogy: the first year, the men in that woman listening; the second year, the woman said the men listening; the third year, said men and women together, listening to neighbors。结婚三部曲:第一年,男的在说,女的在听;第二年,女的在说,男的在听;第三年,男女一起说,邻居在听。
80、I wish you many more anniversaries, year after year happier。愿你们有更多周年纪念日,一年比一年更幸福。
81、The couple live to be like a pair of chopsticks: one who can do without; two can be together is bittersweet taste of what。夫妻俩过日子要像一双筷子:一是谁也离不开谁;二是什么酸甜苦辣都能在一起尝。
82、Wish you a happy wedding, happiness, passion, said of a couple!祝福你们新婚愉快,幸福美满,**永在,白头偕老!
83、A good marriage is not because sometimes get more, but because fewer claims。好的婚姻有时候不是因为得到的多,而是因为要求的少。
84、Married before, to have changed the mind, you bring the sinking is mine, my body is you。 Buried to go, are you, is me。 Gone is that we。结婚以前,已经换过了心,你带去的那颗是我的,我身上的,是你。埋下去的,是你,也是我。走了的,是我们
85、Marriage - it is a social group by a boss a boss and two slaves composition, the four combined into two。结婚——这是一种社会团体,由一个老板一个老板娘和两个奴隶组成,四者合而为二。
86、Woman's marriage is a psychological Running is constantly overcome their own process, but also continued to own the process of compromise。女人的婚姻就是一场心理暗战,是不断战胜自己的过程,也是不断向自己妥协的过程。
87、Millennium Millennium knot margin, with a hundred years sleep for a century。 Romantic born with only envy the duck does not envy cents!千禧年结千年缘,百年身伴百年眠。天生才子佳人配,只羡鸳鸯不羡仙!
88、Not married before, I like a free bird。 And now it is a dog was tied chains!没结婚前,我好像一只自由的小鸟。而现在则是一只被栓了链子的狗!
89、Sometimes the premise of marriage love, will be easier to find those small bright spot her for a lasting marriage and lay a solid foundation。有时候以结婚为前提的恋爱,会更容易发现她身上那些细小的闪光点,为婚姻的持久打下坚实的基础。
90、After marriage, the marriage before it becomes no foot through light weight, no matter who is who is seeking original, anyway, after a marriage who is who unreasonable prevail。结婚以后,结婚前的经过也就变得无足重轻的了,不管当初是谁求谁,反正一结婚之后就是谁不讲理谁占上风。
91、You can not compare with the sweet sweet candy hearts, thick fragrant Muscat compare bride, happy occasion laughter full house, I wish you a lifetime of happiness forever。甜甜的喜糖比不上你们心中的甜蜜,浓浓的玫瑰香比不上新娘的芬芳,喜庆的日子笑声满堂,祝你们白头偕老,幸福永久。
92、For love, hand in hand into the marriage of two people, not who does not love, only who who can not adapt。为爱情而携手走进婚姻的两个人,没有谁不爱谁,只有谁不能适应谁
93、I wwwst want to wish you a happy marriage, happy, be deeply attached to each other forever!我只想衷心的祝福你们,新婚愉快,相亲相爱幸福永远!
94、By marriage, half-open eyes half-closed eyes life。 There is no perfect men and women, if the eyes open too long, or with a magic mirror shine too long, but even God could find fault with him。婚姻生活者,半睁眼半闭眼的生活也。天下没有十全十美的男女,如果眼睛睁得太久,或用照妖镜照得太久,恐怕连上帝身上都能挑出毛病。
95、No lifetime never quarrel couples to remember that the end of the bed and bedside quarrel, the couple did not schisms, only in this way can in hand to the old, the same bald, loving life.没有一辈子从不吵嘴的夫妻,要切记的是,床头吵嘴床尾和,夫妻没有隔夜仇,唯如此,才能牵手到老、相约白头、恩爱一生。
96、A good marriage is to understand each other, love in the process will evolve over time a habit.好的婚姻是彼此明白,爱在日积月累的过程中会演化成一种习惯。
97、A friend after the wedding, anyway not the former friend. Man's soul is now some confusion into the woman's soul.一个结婚以后的朋友,无论如何不是从前的朋友了。男人的灵魂现在羼入了一些女人的灵魂。
98、Once in a lifetime, only Once happy, joy once chic, happily singing night, from one person to check on the other person's hand, go down together, work together to make a permanent happiness. 一生只有一次,幸福只有一回,欢乐潇洒一次,开怀欢歌一宿,从此一人签上另一人的手,一起往下走,一起努力让幸福永久。