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People must live, love to the attachment。
Men in real life, women living in the memory。
A man marries a woman drunk more than words, words。
Shopping will be famous men and women shopping style。
Men love to hyperopia; Women in love is easy to myopia。
How many people, wwwst to let someone see QQ signature。
Beauty can inspire people's feelings, love is to purify the mind。
Man is the price of women; The woman is the man's trademark。
Men love because rash; A woman in love because of nature。
Man frightened when zheng big eyes, a woman scared eyes shut。
Men spend their money in the mouth, women spend money on face。
Love is not a shelter, want to go in refuge, is will be cast out。
Women's youth signs a value; Man's youth said a superficial。
Incipience love see only is the life, persistent love is forever。
True love is built on two free to meet and understand each other。
Fantasy, after all, are not angels with wings, flying out of reality。
Do a wise woman, want to know how to love a man and his money!
Love is beautiful, only know to cherish, to let her eternal beauty。
19、我终生的等候,换不来你刹那的凝眸。(句子 www.banganbu.com)
I'm waiting for a lifetime, a change don't come to you of the moments of gaze。
Men want to do a woman's first love; Women want to be a man's last lover。
Engraved on the memory of that summer, is we together in the sunshine shed tears。
A man must have his life met such a woman, don't ask, don't reason, illogical。
Men love because there is nothing to do; A woman in love because of curiosity。
If you leave me, please don't comfort me because each sewing has to meet stinging pain。
Love is like ice cream, no matter how to avoid, in the end it will eventually melt。
Took a fancy to should not be too picky, because love is not under a magnifying glass。
Love is like a mirror, once has the fissure, so the mirror scenery is distorted。
Men tend to catch up with his favorite woman; Women tend to get her love of man。
Nine times out of ten the woman is in the mind have a love, is two points on the surface。
Gifts often poetic man to a woman, a woman a man's gift is often the most practical。
A man in love means rich and mature; Women fall in love means pure and falling into the abyss。
Love should pledge of eternal love, only faithful, constancy of love, is the true love。
Man test method is to run away; The woman the test man's way is a lateness for an appointment。
Love is like wealth, depends on the wheel of fortune, it's always in the midst of an intense bumpy。
Love not lacking in soul, at least if it is the lack of the body, it also does not lose its cute。
The deep love, the more demanding the cut, so don't may not have testosterone, disputes between partners。
The real free love, not the enjoyment of love, but love personality。 Love is the union of two souls。
Leave, is also a kind of love; Forget, is also a kind of happiness; Give up, is also a kind of love。
Men love hope get complicated process simple; A woman in love like to do simple things get complicated。
40、如果说嫉妒是友谊的不可逾越的障碍,那么猜疑就是爱情最危险的敌人。If envy is insurmountable obstacle of friendship, then suspicion is love one of the most dangerous enemy。
Marriage can stand basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle symphony and the test of life suantiankula, is the true love。
You think letting go can fulfill my happiness, but you don't know my biggest happiness is to hand in hand with you。
True love is like a beautiful flower, it the more open ground barren, it seems the more particularly please the eye。
For the world no man or woman is worth your tears, because the people is worth your tears, will never make you cry!
A man to learn English is in order to prove himself very line, women will prove they have not to learn English。
When a desperate, she would marry a man; When a man desperate, a woman will divorce with him。
I know this world someone is waiting for me, but I don't know who I am waiting for, for this, I feel happy every day。
In this world no man or woman is worth you cry for him, the only one who worth you crying for him will never make you cry!
Only the most intelligent woman know, understanding and understand than the most moving appearance can also make man mind。
Men give women corset, said want to build a lover relationship; Woman to man underwear, says there has been a lover relationship。
Maybe love this is so, deeply in love with each other, but each other torture, torture is still, wwwst because love is continuing。
Love was not complex, come and go but three words, not I love you, I hate you, is to forget it, how are you, I'm sorry。
More intelligent woman also confused on their appearance, again stupid man on the woman's appearance is also a clear。
Love is like this, she let we miss each other when and where, if miss light didn't, disappear, love also is over。
Women the same good looks, make the man fall in love quickly; A man's sweet words, make the woman happy to be left behind in love。
Once owned of, don't forget。 Can't get, to cherish more。 Belong to own, don't give up。 Has been lost, reserved for memories。
Love is sweet, pledge of eternal love, in love but when love turn into a life after all in the plain, love is to use your heart to feel。
Women learn to spruce up their, don't take simple to do, don't do housework, don't understand fashion, you are not a complete woman。
Two hands tightly hold together, a heart tightly stick together。 Because two people have their deep of love, has become a whole。
Love a person who does not love you is to let a person afflictive, but is more painful is, love a person, but didn't the courage to tell him forever。
A unacceptable love needs no sorrow, but time, sometime for forgetting。 A was deeply hurt my heart, need is not sympathy, but understand。
Eyes for the seeds of love plays an extremely important role in the psychological。 True love is in the process of both aesthetics and morality gradually unified。
Love the feelings of the line, only a fine line between you and me, we think they can give each other more love, but finally found that you don't want anything。
Why then pain to forget a person, will naturally make you forget time。 If time can not let you forget not should remember, we lost years and what's the point?
A woman is not a good angel, nor evil devil, and is a mere mortal, and from the perspective of the power of love and affection, they are weaker than men's creation。
In moments of despair, with someone holding a slim hope, and tried to make them believe that there will come a day, this kind of pain joy, only in love。
Love is run out of momentum of passion, love is the will in a torch flame, love is a fool people into the quagmire of bait, love will be deadly poison on the fate of the arrow。
Love behind them, and don't remember the past, because it has in the past, now is a new start, will remain in now the shadow of the past will only make you are now a thing of the past。
Love is bitter sweet。 Only careful management, and let it blossom。 And the highest state of love is like a breath of love。 You didn't feel, it always exists。 Plain but indispensable。
Love don't need to deliberately to grasp, the more want to hold your love, but more easy to lose yourself, lose the principle and lose each other should keep tolerance and understanding。
A bird can't be in the same tree stay too long, or the birds on the tree is a kind of burden, always want to see another sky, the birds and the trees are reluctant to face the same scenery every day。
If you don't have the determination to be a man, that you won't get a good woman。 Not a bad man in the world there will be a good woman, in the same way, nor a bad woman there will be a good man。
Some women fall in love to let her boyfriend loved himself, married to the husband still aches and spoil her, forget as part of a woman should do the job。 This woman is not understand love。
If you love a person, to make yourself now or in the future one hundred percent of worthy of his love, he love you or not, that is his business, so hope that you can but don't have to be forced to pursue。
Because the memory of once it was a wonderful, beautiful to even more cruel man also won't to forget。 Memories is not not miss you, love is not not miss you, not a destiny would not let you, but you not miss you。
You are a lily flower, send out a refreshing fragrance, I wwwst want to stand beside you, watching you, caress you, moist love with you, let you drive more delicate and charming, because I want to be the gardener of your life!
One may fall in love with a person's life a lot of people, waiting for you to get your own happiness, you will understand the previous sadess is kind of treasure, which makes you better to hold and cherish the people you love。
Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl, the boy said to the girl if I have a night of porridge, I'll give you half of them。 Girl grew up, married, but she always think of the boy, she felt that is the love of her life。
We all live in each of the past, people will use a minute to know a person, an hour to like someone, then use the time of day to fall in love with a person, in the end, but want to use a lifetime to forget someone。
Romance is what? Is the flowers? Walking in the rain? Standing before the building? If two people love each other, don't do anything, quietly relative will feel is romantic。 Otherwise, even if the two people sat down on the moon to dating, also do not feel romantic。
When love to end, you don't want to put an end also not line, when you doubt whether to take the initiative to put an end, that means you don't pick up, didn't also the way on this end。 Each paragraph will always have a period, a period to come, you want to block all stop。
When men look at women, love the most beautiful, after getting married, the most common, the most ugly when the divorce, divorce and then become beautiful; Women see men fall in love, most sincere, the most boring after her marriage, divorce before the most hypocritical, after the divorce and sincere。
Every woman is yearning for love in the heart, eager to get a favourite happy。 Hope to get protection, improve and sympathy, this is a feature of a woman。 Coupled with the sentimental and can't help it, often make women hard to refuse to the other party。 This makes them think that they are in love。