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1、Carousel is the most brutal game, chasing each other there is the eternal distance!旋转木马是最残忍的游戏,彼此追逐却有永恒的距离!
2、The population of children re-planned to ban cola syrup to drink acute bronchitis。本人口儿重,拟禁绝可乐,改喝急支糖浆。
3、I'm not rich offspring! But I do the rich ancestors!我不是有钱人的后代!但是我要做有钱人的祖宗!
4、Fashion is very easy, so that the value of your decorations more than your intrinsic value, you're fashionable。时尚很容易,让你的装饰物的价值超过你的内在价值,你就时尚了。
5、People make mistakes, most of the time with the truth too much brains, and in the use of brains Shiyou too emotional。人犯错误,大半是该用真情时太过动脑筋,而在该用脑筋时又太感情用事。
6、Sacred and steadfast man's mission: first, to defend the motherland! Second, listen to their words of a woman!男人的使命神圣而坚定:一是保卫祖国!二是听自己女人的话!
7、Her thighs are too fat I twisted, but her arm。她胖得我大腿都拧不过她胳膊。
8、In the face of the facts, our imagination more developed, the more disastrous the consequences。在事实面前,我们的想象力越发达,后果就越不堪设想。
9、Like me, you will die thing?喜欢我一下,你会死嘛?
10、Time is really precious, and sent one second toilet robbed by others。时间真的很宝贵,就差一秒厕所就被其他人抢了。
11、The so-called love word is that you say something that did not believe, but you hope others would believe。所谓情话,就是你说了一些连自己都不相信的话,却希望对方相信。
12、When rivers and lakes with the legend, dissatisfaction city storm, sorry audience。当江湖有了传说,不满城风雨,是对不起观众的。
13、Come Yishui Han Feng Xiaoxiao, Xi you owe the money to repay!风萧萧兮易水寒,欠了钱兮你要还!
14、Brothers I first throw bricks jade despite smashing over。兄弟我先抛块砖,有玉的尽管砸过来。
15、Mature not mind getting older, but the tears still smile in the eyes of the spin。成熟不是心变老,而是眼泪在眼里打转却还保持微笑。
16、Do not believe in love at first sight, because you can not see at a glance how much money the other side。不要相信什么一见钟情,因为你不能一眼看出对方挣多少钱。
17、Grievances can be told, it is not wronged; take away the love, it is not love。能够说出的委屈,便不算委屈;能够抢走的爱人,便不算爱人。
18、If you were ten years younger I can say that you naive, but now I can only regret that you mentally。要是你再年轻十岁我可以说你幼稚,但现在我只能很遗憾的说你弱智。
19、Mountain can not be two tigers, except one male and one female。一山不容二虎,除非一公一母。
20、There are many ways to destroy friendship, the most radical one is to borrow money。毁灭友情的方式有许多,最彻底的一种是借钱。
21、Do good to me, let me tell you love or friendship。不要对我太好,让我分不清你是爱情还是友情。
22、Uniforms, giving stable while giving the feeling of respect, all the clothing is more or less uniform。制服,给人安稳的同时又给人尊敬的感觉,所有的服装或多或少都是制服。
23、People of non-mainstream, I still non-mainstream! Your non-mainstream, non-mainstream me who is who? If love, your love。人非主流,我仍非主流!非主流的你,非主流的我,谁是谁的谁?要是爱,请深爱。
24、Person's life at least once at first sight, it seems that I have made a lot of people live this life。人的一生至少要有一次一见钟情,那看来我已经让很多人不枉此生了。
25、Red is the ultimate sad medicine。红色是悲伤的终极良药。
26、People can not be too square, not too round, a wounding one will lead people away from you, so people should elliptical!人不能太方,也不能太圆,一个是会伤人一个是会让人远离你,因此人要椭圆!
27、Do you think the most sour feeling jealous? No, the most sour feeling is not right to be jealous。你以为最酸的感觉是吃醋吗?不是,最酸的感觉是没权吃醋。
28、Although your body spray cologne, but I can still vaguely smell smelt scum。虽然你身上喷了古龙香水,但我还能隐约闻到一股人渣味。
29、Clear and bright pupil, the MI, long eyelash tremble slightly, white flawless skin with light pink, thin lips like rose petals delicate drips。清澈明亮的瞳孔,弯弯的柳眉,长长的睫毛微微地颤动着,白皙无瑕的皮肤透出淡淡红粉,薄薄的双唇如玫瑰花瓣娇嫩欲滴。
30、Sacred and steadfast man's mission: first, to defend the motherland! Second, listen to their words of a woman!男人的使命神圣而坚定:一是保卫祖国!二是听自己女人的话!
31、Higher is better salaries, salary as longevity, longevity as happy。高职不如高薪,高薪不如高寿,高寿不如高兴。
32、I do not have so much emotion, wwwst want to have a personal to accompany。我没有那么多的感慨,仅仅想有个人陪。
33、They say silence is golden。 It is not silent for a long time there will be a lot of gold ah?都说沉默是金。是不是沉默久了就会有很多金子啊?
34、Do not cry at my grave, dirty way I cycle。别在我的坟前哭,弄脏了我轮回的路。
35、White cap set her up long hair and half of his face is obscured, but felt she must be very beautiful, breathtaking beauty!白色的鸭舌帽把她那盘起的长发和半张脸都给遮住了,但能感觉出她一定很漂亮,惊人的漂亮!
36、Bank card money, credit cards death。银行卡要钱,信用卡要命。
37、People are sad, no matter how listening to the song of joy, tears would not stop。人在悲伤的时候,不管听多么欢乐的曲子,都会止不住流泪。
38、Rich offering of a money market, no money to take some money home to holding a money market。有钱的捧个钱场,没钱的回家取点钱来捧个钱场。
39、Now think about it in kindergarten with a good mix。现在想想,还是幼儿园好混。
40、When two people meet, the next story is not an accident。当两个人遇见,接下来的不是故事就是事故
41、Your words, I do not believe even the punctuation。你的话,我连标点符号都不信。
42、Brothers I first throw bricks jade of Jinbi hit over。兄弟我先抛块砖,有玉的尽避砸过来。
43、Generated from the United States is not, is a small three。距离产生的不是美,是**。
44、If money is a mistake, that I prefer to repeat the mistakes again。 如果有钱也是一种错,那我情愿一错再错。
45、Between different styles and popular is the quality。风格与流行之间的不同在于质量。
46、Audi to your My Dior, we have to refuel!为了你的奥迪,我的迪奥,我们要加油!
47、Bother, put your boat tied to the grass by the arrows to go。再烦,就把你绑到草船上借箭去。
48、If you flowers, after the cattle are not shit!你要是鲜花,以后牛都不敢拉屎了!
49、Do have a conscience of man, a woman looking for a temperament。做有良心的男人、找有气质的女人。
50、Sister is not Paris, L'Oreal is not worth you have。姐不是巴黎欧莱雅,不值得你拥有。
51、You are lucky because you can choose to love me or not love me, but I can only choose to love you or love you。你是幸运的,因为你可以选择爱我或不爱我,而我只能选择爱你还是更爱你。
52、Overdue heartless, do not now piercing。早该没心没肺,不用现在撕心裂肺。
53、I'll bother you tie grass ship by the arrows to go!再烦我就把你绑草船上借箭去!
54、Sleeping Beauty sleep can wait for her prince to rescue her, but no matter how I sleep no one to rescue me。睡美人睡觉的时候能等到她的王子来救她,但是无论我怎么睡都没人来救我。
55、When a person, treat yourself; two people, treat each other。一个人时,善待自己;两个人时,善待对方
56、I'm not a fortune-telling on the bridge, the chatter not want to hear that knock you。我不是天桥上算命的,唠不出那些你爱听的磕。
57、Woman without perfume has no future。不用香水的女人没有将来。
58、A child that his father is not simple, then I own simple, and then later feel that their child is not simple。小时候觉得自己的父亲不简单,后来觉得自己不简单,再后来觉得自己的孩子不简单。
59、Afraid of debt collection is a hero, afraid of debt is really poor。不怕讨债的是英雄,就怕欠债的是真穷。
60、Life is not a dress rehearsal of the opportunity, every moment in the live broadcast。人生没有彩排的机会,每时每刻都是在现场直播
61、Two people's feelings, if only one strives to blend honey, so in the end, will only make the other bees into a fly。两个人的感情,如果只得一个人努力去掺和蜂蜜,那么到最后,只会让另一只蜜蜂变成了苍蝇。
62、To avoid more wine villain, keep awake drunk at the time。为避免酒多误事,请在酒醉时保持清醒状态。
63、Saying the words out before you are the owner, he said that out later if you became slaves。话说出去之前你是话的主人,说出去之后你便成了话的奴隶。
64、The presence of tears, is to prove that grief is not a hallucination。眼泪的存在,是为了证明悲伤不是一场幻觉
65、I do not want to be slaves of the people, willing to be slaves of the yuan。不愿做奴隶的人民,愿做人民币的奴隶
66、I love you long time! Waiting for you, but also a long time! Now, I want to leave you, even longer than long, long time。爱你,很久了!等你,也很久了!现在,我要离开你了,比很久很久还要久。
67、Woman, pretty is the advantage is the ability to live pretty。女人,长得漂亮是优势,活得漂亮是本事。
68、Tears are a gift you sent me, the address is not very happy。眼泪是你邮寄给我的礼物,地址是不怎么幸福。
69、Afraid of debt collection is a hero, afraid of debt is really poor。不怕讨债的是英雄,就怕欠债的是真穷
70、Keeping the secret of youth, is a restless heart。保持青春的秘诀,是有一颗不安分的心。
71、True love is like UFO, I have only heard, but no one has ever seen。真爱就像UFO,都只是听说过,但没人见过 。
72、I Money means nothing to my dad saw me as septic tanks。我视金钱如粪土 我爸视我为化粪池。
73、Fashionable lifestyle is wwwst trying to bring art and social interaction into reality。时髦仅是试图在生活方式和社会交往中把艺术变成现实。
74、I like to see Naruto endured because of a death on the death of a Japanese village。我比较喜欢看火影忍着,因为一死就死一村的日本人。
75、You leave me, do not comfort me to know every darn will face stinging pain。离开我就别安慰我,要知道每一次缝补也会遭遇穿刺的痛。
76、Formatting yourself, is to delete you!格式化自己,就是为了删除你!
77、Regret the things I do, I only do things you regret。后悔的事我不做, 我只做让你后悔的事 。
78、People kissing, most confused mind; people count the money when most sober minds。人在接吻的时候,头脑最迷糊;人在数钱的时候,头脑最清醒。
79、Even then want to cry, but also a smile to say: your uncle。就算再想哭,也要微笑着说一句:你大爷的
80、Sometimes we need to look back, otherwise, always in search, do not know what you have lost。偶尔要回头看看,否则永远都在追寻,而不知道自己失去了什么。
81、My dear, you may have to have to believe me, ah, I could not even a boat are dizziness, let alone dating another girl too。亲爱的,你可得一定要相信我啊,我连坐船都头晕,更何况是脚踏两只船呢
82、Earth is in motion, a person will not always be in a bad position。地球是运动的,一个人不会永远处在倒霉的位置
83、When the child loses pants called belt, and understand what to do dependency。当裤叫子失去皮带,才懂得什么做依赖。
84、In order to create something unique, all your brain must focus on tiny details。为了创作出独特的东西,你的所有大脑神经必须集中在微小的细节上。
85、Luxury is comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury。奢侈是舒适的,否则就不是奢侈。
86、Either beat you, told you fell out。要不是打不过你,早跟你翻脸了
87、Do not call me old beast, more about me, you would know my beast than。别老喊我禽兽,多点了解我,你会知道我禽兽不如的。