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1、 It would be nice to get out of the city。 Do you want some company?可以分开郊区出去走走真不赖。你想有个伴吗?
2、Wealth is nothing without health。失去健康,钱再多也没用。
3、The playing area is demarcated by a white line。运动场地以白线为界。
4、Games is one of my scar, he became my shadow。运动会是我的一个疤,成为了我的阴影。
5、You know why kids love player? Because they pursue their dreams。你知道孩子为什么从崇拜运动员吗?是因为他们追寻自己梦想。
6、Success belongs to the persevering。坚持就是胜利。
7、This reflected a migration of truly awesome proportions。这是一种真正骇人的人口迁移运动。
8、The choreography,which combines artistry and athletics,is extremely innovative。兼有艺术和运动的舞蹈艺术是极具创新意义的
9、Life is movement? Life is still! You see that lying bastard lived for many years !生命在于运动?生命在于静止!你看王八趴那活了多少年!
10、 in morning, there are a lot of old men doing exercise in the park。 早上在公园锻炼的老头儿特别的多。
11、a campaign redolent of machine politics。使人联想起机器**的运动
12、What’s the Mountaineering Club doing this weekend?这个周末登山俱乐部有何活动?
13、We'll enlist him in our movement我们要他参加我们的运动。
14、I like to walk the life, sports brought me a lot of fun。我生平喜欢步行,运动给我带来了无穷的乐趣。
15、Skiing,snowboarding,cross country skiing and ice sports in winter。冬天的运动有:滑雪、滑雪板运动、越野滑雪和冰上运动;
16、A motion of the hand or the waving of a wand。挥动手的运动或棍棒的挥动
17、If this is a generation of sports, it must be done by this generation。如果这是一个世代的运动,就必须由这个世代来做。
18、The green campaign is a global phenomenon。绿色运动是全球性的现象。
19、regular physical exercises can strengthen one’s resistance against illness。 经常锻炼身体,能够提高人体的抵抗力。
20、Weather getting cold, movement and let your body temperature ……天气渐冷,运动让你的身体升温……
21、Exercise is good for circulation。运动有益于血液循环。
22、the racket used in paddle tennis or table tennis。碰碰网球或乒乓球运动中使用的球拍。
23、i’ve wwwst learned how to exercise with clubs。 我新学了一套棒操锻炼身体。 my grandfather exercises with his healthcare balls every day。 我爷爷每天都拿着保健球锻炼。
24、Death can become a martyr prophet, the noble ideas into a powerful movement。死亡能将预言家变成殉道者,将崇高的思想变成强大的运动。
25、Exercise should always, adhere to, and machines, regular exercise did not rust。锻炼身体要经常,要坚持,人和机器一样,经常运动才不能生锈。
26、Marked by or moving in a wavelike form or motion; sinuous。波状的或以波浪式运动的;起伏不平的
27、Her favourite sport is riding the breaker in。她最喜欢的运动是冲浪。
28、Life is not only to sports, but is frustrating。 Movement keeps the body healthy, toss to make life meaningful。生命不只在于运动,更在于折腾。运动使身体健康,折腾使生活有意义。
29、Those men and women who are toss, do not wearies: Life is movement, it would be doomed love toss。那些正在折腾着的男男女女们,别嫌烦:生命在于运动,爱情那就注定折腾。
30、Sitting from time to time, no section diet, extravagant in appetite, and stingy sports, this number who pathogenic great source also。起居之不时,饮食之无节,侈于嗜欲,而吝于运动,此数者,致病之大源也。
31、The presidential campaign was in full swing。总统竞选运动正在全力进行中。
32、Football is a game which interests me a lot。 足球是我感兴趣的运动。
33、Physical health and damage due to stationary, due to athleticism and long-term。身体的健康因静止不动而破坏,因运动练习而长期保持。
34、I go as much as I can。 I love hiking because you can really get in touch with nature。尽可以经常去。我喜爱徒步旅游,由于这样你才可以真正接触大自然。
35、The motion of matter that he could not light fast! That's because in the universe!物质运动之所以不能光快!那是因为在宇宙中!
36、Skin - diving interests me a great deal 。潜游运动使人很感兴趣。
37、the sportsmen are exercising to improve the strength of the muscles on their legs。 运动员们正在锻炼,以便加强腿部肌肉的力量。
38、The world's most grueling sports is the last on his back。世界上最累人的运动是把昨天背在背上。
39、Life is like riding a bike, in order to maintain the balance we must continue to exercise。 生活就像骑自行车,要想保持平衡就要不断运动。
40、Moderate exercise is fundamental to good health。适度的运动对健康是绝对必要的。
41、I am exercising so as to lose weight。我运动是为了减轻体重。
42、Health from sports, to his athletic life, you want to be all things sports。健康来自运动,生命来自己运动,一切想要的东西都要运动。
43、Exercise is the source of all life。运动是一切生命的源泉。
44、Eat Drink Laugh do more exercise and more energy, more of a interpretation of life!多吃多喝多做多笑多运动多活力,多一份对生活的诠释!
45、Interest in the game has fallen off。人们对这项运动的兴趣已经降低。
46、Games is a good opportunity for videotaping his beloved people!运动会是偷拍自己心爱的人的好机会!
47、she was very busy at work, but she managed to stick to her exercise regime。 工作很忙,但是她还坚持锻炼。
48、Awareness campaign cause for thinking, thinking is conscious of forward movement。 意识运动的引起是为思,思是意识的顺向运动。
49、A movement among voters toward nonpartisanship,resulting in a weakening of party structure。解散联盟在选举人中赞成无党派的运动,导致党组织的削弱
50、no matter how cold it gets, we must all stick to our exercise routine。 不管天气多么寒冷,我们都要坚持锻炼。
51、Conscious behavior purpose is to want。 I think it is the reverse movement of consciousness。目的性的意识行为是为想。想是意识的逆向运动。
52、Wake up every morning the first thing is to smile to myself, as well as, sports。每天早上醒来的第一件事是对自己微笑,还有,运动
53、All the great sports in the world and some are related to the great ideal。世界上的一切伟大运动都与某种伟大理想有关。
54、people are toughened by difficult experiences。 艰苦的环境锻炼人的意志。
55、 We are going to climb a cliff on the Colorado River。我们将攀岩科罗拉多河旁边的一座悬崖。
56、Exercise is a natural doctor。运动是天然的医生
57、We have marked the play area off with a white line。我们已用白线画出运动场地。
58、There stands a break, the conservation movement。 Ma, who actually won?有立有破,运动守恒。马云究竟赢了谁?
59、Heat is a mode of motion。热是运动的一种形式。
60、Aerobic exercise gets the heart pumping and helps you to burn up the fat。有氧运动加速心脏跳动,有助于消耗更多脂肪。
61、The distinctive feature of vitreous opacities is their actual movement on motion of the eye。玻璃体混浊的特点是跟随眼球运动而活动。
62、Since football is a world game, the term own goal is widely known around the world。自从足球成为一项世界性运动,“乌龙球”这个词就尽人皆知了。
63、It's a crusade against corruption。这是一场反腐败的运动。
64、Sporty girl so beautiful, waited really became apparent。运动型的女孩好美,娇娇果然人如其名。
65、In a spherical nucleus, the coupling term implies an interweaving of the quadrupole and dipole motion对球形核中的耦合项意味着四级运动和偶极运动间的交织。
66、Static is death, eternal life is only sport to knock on the door。静止便是死亡,只有运动才能敲开永生的大门。
67、To throw or roll a ball in bowling。在保龄球运动中投掷或滚球。
68、I always had a leaning towards sport。我一向喜欢运动。
69、Any object in motion at the speed of light, its length will be shortened to zero。任何物体以光速运动时,其长度将会缩短为零
70、Football players are not true winner flopping sent off!足球运动员都是影帝 假摔不真 红牌罚下!
71、Now the most interesting thing to do is exercise。现在能做的最有意义的事情就是运动了
72、To climb, and I understand that the body in the upward movement of the soul but in the downward slide。向上爬的事,我的理解是,肉身在向上运动,灵魂却在向下滑落
73、A lively,capering manner of moving or walking;a prance。快乐的蹦跳活泼的蹦跳的运动或行走的方式;雀跃
74、Fat people more exercise, people ugly to read more!人胖多运动,人丑多看书!
75、A limb or an appendage of an animal,used for locomotion or support。腿动物的肢或附属肢体,用于运动或支撑身体
76、Good basketball players must show their sincere feelings for basketball。好的篮球运动员必须表现出自己对篮球的真挚感情。
77、Sports so tired body more dynamic。运动会让疲累的身体更有活力
78、No object, only the movement。没有物体,只有运动。
79、The essence of life is movement, peaceful tranquility is death。人生的本质在于运动,安谧宁静就是死亡。
80、elderly people are worn with age, so it is even more important for them to take part in exercise。 老年人年老体衰更应该参加一些适当的体育锻炼。
81、Motion is the mode of existence of matter。运动是物质的存在方式。
82、Do not worry, the Earth has been in motion, the hapless to children, not always under your feet。你放心,地球一直在运动,那个倒霉的地儿,不会一直在你脚底下。
83、When feeling like sports sweating 。喜欢运动时大汗淋漓的感觉
84、She is a vigorous supporter of human rights。她是人权运动的积极支持者。
85、It is indefensible as a sport作为一种运动,这是站不住脚的。
86、Baseball is starting from home, finally home movement。棒球是从家开始,最后又回到家的运动。
87、Having a wormlike motion;twisting or wriggling。蠕动的具有蠕虫般运动的;弯曲的或扭动的
88、Sports, reading。 Body and soul, are not disappoint。运动,读书。身体和灵魂,都不可辜负。
89、I have a strong inclination for sports。我很喜爱运动。
90、I love all kinds of sports。 我喜欢各种各样的运动。
91、Watch(the)wrestling on television看电视节目中的摔交运动。
92、Eating, sleeping, exercise when the mind calm and cheerful, and is one of the best secret of longevity。在吃饭、睡觉、运动的时候,心中坦然,精神愉快,及是长寿的最好秘诀之一。
93、The sports facilities are superb.运动设施是第一流的.
94、Of,relating to,or moving in a vortex;whirling.漩涡的漩涡的,与漩涡有关的,在漩涡中运动的;旋转的
95、as for France, the avant-garde film movement became prominent during the 1920' s.在法国,先锋派电影运动在20年代占了上风。
96、Baseball is the national pastime.棒球是全民性的休闲运动。
97、Walking promote my mind. My body must be in constant motion, their brains will be put into operation.散步促进我的思想。我的身体必须不断运动,脑筋才会开动起来。
98、Olympic Games is a group of people who most need exercise, watching a group of people most in need of rest, where the movement.奥运会就是一群最需要运动的人,看着一群最需要休息的人,在那里运动 。
99、Life is movement, Cease endless movement. 生命在于运动,生命不止,运动不息。
100、Life always done curvilinear motion, even if successful people have gone through a lot of detours.人生总在做曲线运动,即使再成功的人也走过很多弯路。