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I want to personally give you eternal happiness. I don't feel relieved to give it to others. Today, I finally achieve my wish.
I wish you all the best! Happy wedding, honey!
I wish all lovers in the world will eventually get married, predestined in their previous lives, and get married. Happy wedding! a harmonious union lasting a hundred years!
Today is a great day for you. On behalf of my family, I would like to congratulate you and wish you a happy new marriage and a long life together.
You are not allowed to be the happiest person in the world, because I am the happiest with you.
You have to be with me all the time, wwwst like I am with you all the time. Accompany and guard is the longest confession.
Ten chat lines, a hundred goodnight lines, a thousand chat lines, a thousand nonsense lines, wwwst to hear one day at the wedding I love you.
In this palace full of happiness and joy, I sincerely wish you, and beauty, happiness forever.
Life has you, the sun is shining; life has you, the four seasons are warm; life has you, not afraid of hardships; life has you, looking forward to forever.
At first, I wwwst want a hug, accidentally a kiss, and then I want a bed, a room and a marriage certificate.
I know that you are married today, whether others wish you or not, I wish you well anyway. I wish you a great wedding and a very early birth!
I'm glad to meet you in my lifetime. May we live the life we want to live, with love in our hearts, step on the wind at our feet, and stride forward.
Happiness is knocking at home, not reaching for the cold key.
I don't want you to distrust me. I promise you what I said and what I promised you. I will do it.
The highest level of mutual love is mutual love. Wish a new couple love each other sincerely and make a permanent date! Congratulations on the wedding!
Maybe you are not the only reason for me to smile, but you must be my favorite one.
In one's lifetime, I only talk about warmth, but not pain. I love meeting each other, and I will accompany you.
When a beautiful woman meets, she has strong love. It's the time to get married. The original search, now I love you, I wish every day grace love! Happy wedding!
If you save enough for $4.5 and I save enough for $4.5, we can go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get married.
Love each other, love each other, and be united in virtue and beauty. Flowers and candles greet the birds, and the bridal chamber is happy to open with plum blossom.
I like you walking behind me, no matter what request you accept!
The combination of sincere love is the purest of all combinations. I wish you all the best.
Because I don't know if I can meet you in the next life, so I will try my best to give you the best in this life.
You are a couple born in heaven and made in earth. Now you are in the same boat. In the future, you need to be tolerant and take care of each other. I wish you all the best!
The thoughtfulness of a thousand turns and the panic of being at a loss are the clues of loving you.
At first, love is to love you forever; later, marriage is to love you forever.
Today is the day of your marriage. On behalf of my family, I congratulate you and wish you both a happy and long life!
Love the new couple, white head, lingering affection and good luck. I wish you all the best for a hundred years. Love for a lifetime, love for a lifetime, and love for a couple of mandarin ducks!
White mountain, black water, Yutian snow, Qilu land, open a river; Jinshan duck water, spring move, a total of 100 years to celebrate the good together!
See you in a happy heaven, shining stars, I wwwst want to sincerely wish you a happy marriage, love each other, always happy.
Cherish this love, such as treasure, gently into the temple of emotion, to feel every moment of wonderful time.
I hope that your man will hand in his salary happily, hand in his passbook password freely, listen to you for everything, and welcome a new life.
Remember, I allow you to like me. We have no choice but to grow old together.
At the end of the wedding season, I sincerely wish you happiness. Since then, the shadow of life has become a pair, with both the sweet and the bitter. Happy wedding!
The best love is not because we need to be together, but because we want to be together.
Happiness is wwwst a silhouette, like the past years, like water.
The best love letter and promise a man can give a woman is a piece of paper: marriage certificate.
I wish that we will be happy forever, marry, have a son, and teach our baby how to soak up girls.
Let this lingering poem ring the bell of happiness. May you two be in love forever and grow old together!
I'm not a changing building, I'm wwwst a structure deep in my heart, the one who is willing to support your beauty silently!
I can't promise you everything will be better, but I promise you don't have to face it alone from now on.
To find her in the vast sea of people is clearly a predestination of a thousand years ago. I wish you both happiness and harmony.
Three joys of life, dear friends, on your wedding day, let me sincerely wish you a happy wedding.
I wish you a long and happy life! Love is deep year by year, and there is no difference between years!
Millennials are bound to be millennials, with a hundred years of body and a hundred years of sleep. Born with talent and beauty, only envy Yuanyang but not Xianxian.
May your home be as beautiful and harmonious as the garden of Eden, as in heaven!
If you can't protect yourself, let me protect you forever from today.
Today is your big day. You are God and fairy. I wish you love forever.
May your life be as beautiful as a poem, as wise as a proverb, as devout as a sermon, as harmonious as a song!
You are a couple born in heaven and made in earth. Now you are in the same boat. In the future, you need to be tolerant and take care of each other. Wish you all the best!
Only two lucky times in life is good: one meeting you, one going to the end. For the rest of your life, it's all you.
congratulations! I wish you a hundred years together white head, love deeply, never forget, marriage thousands of miles today lead, this life love evergreen!
May love fill your sweet life and make every day as glorious and joyful as it is today!
He is a word, you are a score, you are a harmonious song. It's a combination of heaven and Phoenix.
A good love relationship is not built all of a sudden. It takes time, patience and two people who really want to be together.
May the fire of your sincere love, like the rising sun, grow stronger and stronger as time goes by, so that all the water cannot be extinguished and the flood cannot be drowned!
Extend the hand of love to Yingying's blessing, let happiness bloom brilliant flowers, welcome to your future days and wish you a happy new marriage.
I sincerely wish you a happy new marriage, a long life together, a happy and safe life!
The sea is withered and the stone is rotten, the earth is wide and the sky is high, the wings are flying together, the pearls are linked to the wall, the cave is warm in spring, the flowers are good and the moon is round, the fish and the water are deep in love.
We are like two pieces of jigsaw puzzle. You know all my unspeakable gentleness.