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Teachers in the spring, every day to bathe my heart.
Ancient scholars must strictly their teacher, teacher strict and then respect.
A spring silkworm may not stop spinning silk until death, a candle's tears dry only when it's burned down to ashes.。
White hair silver sun moon, true blood, new flowers.
Teacher, you are the seed of hope and happiness!
It takes ten years of wind and rain for ten years, one hundred thousand pillars.
Teacher, I wish you the education students, the elite in a galaxy of talents.
For the good of your teachings, I am very grateful and will remember!
The remotest corners of the globe have to do, only Shien infinite period. Thank you, teacher!
Teacher, thank you for illuminating my voyage of life with your own light of life.
The teacher is our zaishengfumu! We have parents, the teacher taught us!
People who can not born with knowledge, confused? Or without the teacher, it is also confused at all.
A spring silkworm may not stop spinning silk until death, a candle's tears dry only when it's burned down to ashes.。 All right, talents all over china.
Has experienced the wind and rain, wwwst know your valuable, on the success, wwwst know your great.
The white hair, now how, through many seasons, while is the dedication of love.
Without your generous dedication, which have I harvested today. Thank you extremely, dear teacher.
The teacher, like the flowers in the bees, like the pure dew, like the hard-working gardener, feeding us.
All the thoughts, but also the integration of the endless gratitude and admiration, is willing to your holiday filled with bright, safe!
Three feet of the podium, three inch tongue, three inch pen, three thousand peach trees, ten years; ten years of wind and rain, one hundred thousand pillars.
Instead of looking for confused mentor, rather than their own path, can save the search time, anyway he also don't know what.
Every year, I put the first ray of spring and new year's card sent to you together; my dear teacher, wish the spring with you forever!
Has experienced the wind and rain, wwwst know your valuable; on the success, wwwst know your great; thank you my dear teacher!
Teacher, parting a long long while, and your image like a bright spot has been flashing in my mind.
White chalk at the end, a burst of falling. It dyed your black hair, but the green of your youth to the more rich.
When the sea tide, the colorful shells on the beach. When we graduate, we give our best wishes to our teachers.
You for the flowers bloom, fruit maturity busy, quietly leaves hanging shade! Ah, teacher, your spirit, always remember my heart!
Beloved teacher, your teachings made me know such a beautiful world, your efforts make me aware of colorful life.
Teacher, you like a ladder, and like a spring silkworm, like a loving mother, and as a gardener, people sincerely bless you: forever young, forever happy!
Success comes from your cultivation, excellent from your hard work. Cheer for today, we will always remember your original teachings and proverbs!
Rivers push us to the vast sea, the dawn brings us a beautiful morning, dear teacher, you lead us into a magnificent life.
Gardener - a noble title. Look at the branches of blooming flowers, is that you sweat poured. Bless you: students everywhere, in times square!
Teacher, like the sea surging is your heart, as broad as the sky is your mind, like a mountain, like deep is your kindness.
Still dress, still face. That you are familiar with the writing on the blackboard, a familiar voice, pull our thoughts to the past student. Oh, teacher.
Beautiful tone, bewitching flowers, are subject to time constraints, only the blessing of eternal forever bless you, to the fountain of wisdom I teacher!
Clean sweep across, like when your hands, kind words, give me the most gentle comfort, the most sincere enlightenment. Bless you dear teacher.
Let I this wonderful blessing through the airwaves and across many mountains, across the surging river, passing high-rise buildings, fly to your side: I wish your teacher's Day is joyful!
Like came from the outdoor wind cold, snowy night in winter by the fireside; teacher, your care, such as the redness of the furnace carbon, give me unlimited warmth. How can I not thank you.
You are the fire, lit the fire of the soul of students; you are the stone steps, and I bear a step by step steady upward climb; you are a candle, burning themselves to illuminate others.
You are the gardener, Tim Xiuse mountains of the motherland; you like rain, run Tao Li Yu, China do fangfei. In this happy festival, let me offer you a heart of flowers, to express my heartfelt wishes.
Shien unforgettable, the precious gift of life experience; teacher sentiment long, the future for our guide to happiness; love, shook the heart of the most soft place. Teacher, we love you! We bless you!
Friendship is a mutual comfort; love is Xiangyixiangwei; teachers and students love as relatives and friends, love education; teacher's day, though not to visit his teacher, but miss the heart often. Wish you a happy life, the body of Kangtai.
Your heart is like the sea, like the surging, as broad as the sky is your mind, like a mountain, like deep is your kindness. Dear teacher, I wish you happy forever, happy holiday season in Ankang.
A piece of chalk writing a little bit of life, white hair at the temples depict life picture scroll, full three feet from the rostrum is the sweat of hard work, teacher's Day approaching, deep blessing sent to you, wish you happy holidays and a big smile on his face.
Forget your earnest teachings, forget your kindness blame, forget your hard toil, you can not forget the blood of the floating. Dear teacher, teacher's Day is coming, I wish you a happy pair, happy to double!
You are my other mother, teach me to read, read, tell me the world's wonderful! When I look at the scenery, I see a figure like you. Teacher, I miss you, but also a teacher's day, I wish you a happy holiday!
Blessing is sincere romantic warmth, is dear and beloved beloved teacher, inscribed student lover's relatives of the content can be short or long, but wish is the unity of: Teacher's day, I wish the teachers happy holidays!
With you, life is so wonderful, because of you, the world is so beautiful. You are an engineer of the human soul! Teach you like rain moistening distant. Thank you! Sincerely wish you a happy Teacher's day!
Have a love that is selfless dedication, there is a kind of attitude is amiable and easy of access, there is a kind of pay is called no regrets, give I this is you, my dear teacher, teacher's Day approaching, I sincerely wish you happy.
The sun shines, the gardener's heart strong spring; rain moisture, peach branches bud red. Dear teacher, your teachings such as the spring breeze, like the rain, my heart forever. On this teacher's day, I wish you the best of luck in Ankang!
Some time long past never forget, some memories presence of mind never recede, some friends total in the heart is not far away from the past, miss school time, Thanksgiving to his alma mater teacher! Teacher's Day is up, I wish the teachers happy holidays!
Through the mind's eyes, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, achievement of students and life will be brilliant; with the spirit of passion not idle, to convey the human, no regrets, as example; your image, big bright! Teacher's day, I wish the teacher health!
Wishes, blessing is sincere romantic warmth, is dear and beloved beloved teacher, inscribed student lover's relatives of the content can be short or long, but wish is the unity of: Teacher's day, I wish the teachers happy holidays!
A closed eyes on graduation, now stood outside the campus, reminiscent of the past scene, visible before the eyes, so miss. Miss the teacher to teach me knowledge, and now the teacher's day, I want to say to the teacher happy holiday, happy life!
Teacher, you have a naughty child's story every white hair. May our blessing make you smile a little more. Teacher, your care is full of my students, and you together with the day like spring, such as spring rain!