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Originally like a person, you can give up because his circle is too big, and then feel very relaxed.
There is always something that people can't give up in any case. What a humble life there is also a good insistence.
Sometimes you give up someone not because you don't care anymore, but because you realize they don't care anymore.
Love you, for a long time, waiting for you, also for a long time, now, I want to leave you, longer than a long time.
I have many reasons to abandon you, but I chose to stay; and you have a lot of reasons to stay, but chose to abandon me.
Time will slowly precipitate, some people will slowly blur in your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness needs your own accomplishment.
No one can go back to the past and start anew, but anyone can start today and write a totally different ending.
Everything can be met but not sought. Lost is not necessarily the best, only the right one is the best.
Later, when I met someone who liked it again, I shook my head and laughed, because you left, and at the same time took away my desperation.
Sooner or later, our relationship will fade. I will change your notes to your name and put them in groups of people without greeting.
You will never see me when I am most lonely, because only when you are not around me, I am most lonely.
I count your laughter every day, but you are lonely even when you laugh. They say your smile is beautiful and elegant.
When all the dust settles down, when everything returns to calm, I will really understand that giving up is actually a beautiful harvest.
No contact, because your indifference tells me to disturb you; no initiative, because you can not move at all.
Later, it was found that we learned to give up in order to start afresh. Be rational, you have to go, because there is only one choice.
The wine and tears that I have drunk in my life are less painful than the bitterness you brought when you turned around and left.
Regret is a spiritual consuming emotion. Regret is a greater loss than loss and a bigger mistake than mistake. So don't regret.
After leaving, don't say wish me happiness, what qualifications do you have to wish me happiness? If you want to leave, please never come back.
The most courageous thing I've ever done is to give up the chance to be a friend, wwwst to let you know that I like you.
You can't control what you're going to encounter in games or in life, but you can decide how to respond. You should never give up.
If you want to succeed, you must have the spirit of never giving up. When you learn to give up, you begin to make progress.
Give up the feeling of waiting but not harvesting! Give up some kind of spiritual expectation! Every time I give up a thought, I feel sad.
Don't give up your fantasy. When the fantasy is gone, you can still exist, but you still die.
There are so many helplessness in our life that we can't change, and we can't change. What's worse, we have lost the idea of change.
Don't give up the idea of pursuing love because of a person or a failed love. Youth can never stand waiting!
The most embarrassing thing in the world is not that he doesn't love you, but that he says he loves you very much and finally gives you up easily.
That year, I met you and believed in something called forever; that year, you left me, and I picked up my memories alone.
The saddest thing is when you meet a special person and realize that you can never be together, sooner or later, you have to give up.
By this year, nothing is necessary. If there is anything necessary, it is good for yourself.
Don't give up a love because of a flaw. After all, in love, what you need is truth, not perfection.
Every time you say goodbye, you'd better try harder. One more sentence, maybe the last one. Take one more look, maybe the last.
Heart will be tired love will be cold, this is the process of emotions, but two people together, there is always a person who said to give up.
I don't need anyone to remind me, I think about you once more, wwwst once, and then I will return to my own life, my recovery, you will know sooner or later.
Sometimes, love is also a kind of inwwwry. Cruel people choose to hurt others, good people, choose to hurt themselves.
A person is eager to find someone to accompany him. A man has lost himself. I wonder if there is any desire to pursue again.
In this tortuous secular world, it is also a realm to learn to treat everything around with an ordinary heart.
Love to pain, pain to cry, so choose to let go. Letting go is a kind of helpless despair, painful heart.
Good love makes you see the whole world through one person, while bad love makes you abandon the world for one person.
Another quiet night, I sat alone at the window, playing my guitar, half a cigarette in my mouth.
Because of the wind and rain, happiness is more valuable. People will always live a way, waiting for happiness.
If you fall in love, don't let the chance slip away easily. Recklessness may make you regret for a while; cowardice may make you regret for a lifetime.
If one day I give up on you, not because I fell in love with others, because you don't care about me at all!
If you like a person, you should make him happy, make him happy, and make that feeling more sincere. If you can't do it, let go!
If love leaves only helpless heartache, then let me choose to give up completely, without you, a person quietly go.
True love is to know how to cherish when you can love. True love is to let go when you can't love.
Wise abandonment is better than blind persistence, because persistence and obsession are only one paper apart, it is difficult to grasp the scale.
If one day, you begin to regret giving up me, please remember, I never thought of using the way to leave, to teach you to cherish!
No matter how determined I am to give up you in this second, I will wipe away my tears and continue to like it in the next second. That's wwwst how fruitless it is.
Often in the middle of the night listening to a song, and then think of someone, and then tears unconsciously fall down.
Nothing is more painful than the one that lingers between putting and not letting go. Really determined to give up, on the contrary, there will be a sense of relief.
I've reduced the number of times I've looked for you, replaced the notes with full names, and cancelled my special concern. It should have been clear that we're almost at the end.
When a person totally dies and gives up, you'd better not regret your choice, let alone come back and say you still love me! uuuuuuuuuuu
The most regrettable thing in life is that you easily give up what you should not give up, stubbornly insist on what you should not insist on.
If one day you begin to regret giving up me, please remember that I begged you to stay like a beggar.
Without respect, love will go away. Love is boring without caring. Without honesty, love will not be happy. Without trust, love is not strong.
Learn to give up, give up is a beautiful wisdom. Know how to give up, know how to own, know how to cherish.
Girl, that's enough. Don't you have to wait until he's done with your wounded body to give up? Dead heart, he doesn't care about you at all.
It's snowing outside the window, making a cup of coffee, holding it cold, I know I think of you again. How can I expect you to understand?
If you are unhappy, if you are unhappy, let go; if you are unwilling and unable to let go, you will suffer.