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When you are thirteen years old, you think you are very important to the world, and the world is wwwst ready to forgive your childishness.
Hollywood is dominated by fear and financial addiction. But that will not dominate me, because I am fearless and not greedy for money.
The bomb must not explode, and the bomb will not explode, and the audience will always be uneasy.
Every time a character is played, the actor must live in this role.
To better understand the tendency of a film, it is better to understand how the film expresses its tendency first.
I am like a radar, I accept things, and then reflect them like a mirror, mixed with memories, dreams and ideas.
I want to build a house with my movie. Some make cellars, others make walls, others make windows. However, I hope that in the end it will become a house.
No matter what subject I have adopted, I am talking about religious themes. But their salvation happened on the street, not in the church.
Dreams begin with scripts and end in films.
An image must be transformed when it contacts other images, such as when one color contacts other colors. The blue beside the green, yellow or red is not the same blue. No art, no transformation.
When fantasy turns to love, intuition does not always follow.
When I tell a story in a very personal way, it's more acceptable than what I try to say in a universal language.
I am me. If I have to head against the wall to be true to myself, I will.
Whether you are a hero or a gangster, remember to give your character a human touch, that is, to give him as many qualities as possible to the contrary without affecting his main identity in the story.
I am not interested in the development of plots and the series of events. I think my movies are more than one without plots.
If China is good, the homemade films will be good.
One of the phenomena of old age is that memories of childhood will appear more and more clearly, while the events of adulthood are blurred and disappear.
Actors are also human beings, no difference from others. Writers, painters or musicians can hide in corners to lick their wounds, but actors have to stand in front of the public to endure the pain.
I have repeatedly said that if I make a film as a filmmaker, the audience should see 100 of their own movies from this film, and every audience can see his own movies, which is what I strive to achieve.
I left footprints for posterity to pursue.
I am an independent producer director. People always say that my movies are like Hollywood movies, or Hollywood movies. But Hollywood has to plagiarize me. What can I do?
I have all the shortcomings of Chinese directors, such as dramatic, I love dramatic, I grew up reading reviews and chapters of fiction, but I know that it is a defect, we simplify the reality, entertainment, legendary.
We don't reveal our true thoughts everywhere. We only reveal what we want to be believed to be true.
My films are never meant to be realistic. They are mirrors, fragments of reality, almost like dreams.
In order to defend Korean movies, we can even die.
Shadow play, if it can be used to describe the suffering of the people, can at least promote the self-policing of the society and let the society think about how to improve itself.
There is a kind of film that requires a long time to accumulate, and there is a need for lightning inspiration.
I am old now. The older people think, the deeper they think. I can't grasp the things on the water. I think under the water.
The whole of life, the whole of its action, is a natural and vivid film.
When true and false, it is obvious that false and false prevent us from believing in truth. An actor, on the deck of a real ship hit by a real storm, pretends to be afraid of sinking. We will not believe the actor, nor the ship and the storm.
Dreams should be rooted in reality.
I do not think it will last forever.
I'm not afraid of death. I wwwst want to be here.
Stupidity is infinitely more charming and infinitely profound than wisdom. Wisdom is finite, but stupidity is not.
Don't give me a wink. The performance is not so complicated.
I have been keeping a synchronized record of the process of national evolution, and I live in an era of change, which requires a director to be sensitive and synchronized to wwwdge. I believe my work will become a landmark building in China.
Let a person be in a changeable environment, let him miss countless or far or near people, let him have a relationship with the whole world: this is the meaning of the film.
A screenwriter and director is not only a casual film of a story, but at least he should be a writer, a writer with a unique style, correct understanding and all for the public.
The essence of acting is to treat life as an experiment, exploring the strange and joyful life between the curtain and the curtain.